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Letters to the Editor 6/14

Socialism is a nice word for communism

To Sens. Orin Hatch, John Bohner, John Ensign, John McCain, Jeff Sessions and most of “all the other good-for-nothing” RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) – I wonder if any of you understand what that “impostor” who occupies our White House is doing to our country?

If not, I will tell you. As soon as you idiots vote for the nationalization of health care we will then be a socialized country. Did you all know that? And socialism is just a nice word for communism.

My opinion of you all: You are a bunch of spineless, gutless, apologetic idiots.

Why don’t you all get a little “fire in your bellies?”

That’s why we started the “tea parties.” Or did you not know that either?

I am a mad conservative – not a Republican.


Carson City

Concentration of power bad for the presidency

Many are happy so much power is being concentrated in President Obama’s position because he wants to do many things they approve of. The power, though, will stay in that office no matter who sits there.

Should all that power be exercised by, for instance, someone like Dick Cheney? If not, it should not be concentrated in the presidency.


Carson City

City’s prompt response makes for quick repairs

We live on Poplar Street in Carson City. About 6:30 a.m. June 11, we saw water gushing from the street in from of our home. I immediately notified Street and Storm Drain Maintenance. The lady said someone would be right on it.

Shortly thereafter, the crew arrived and started working.

They nicely explained what happen to the line. By 8 a.m. they had repaired the line and our water was back on. The street was back in good shape by 9:30 a.m.

We appreciate the prompt response, the quick repair and the courteous response to each of our questions.


Carson City