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Letters to the Editor 6/28

Disappointed, angry and disgusted with president

I am frankly very disappointed in our nation, and disgusted with our president. He has demonstrated one leadership failure after another, the most recent (and most telling) is his failure to loudly condemn the illegitimate regime in Iran (until the polls castigated his failure). Eight days from “hands off” to condemnation – too little, too late.

The following excerpt from The Jerusalem World News says it all:

“They marched, like Martin Luther King, crying out for freedom and democracy against a Holocaust-denying demented dictator who wants to wipe Israel off the map. They were beaten and killed while President Obama, in a Jimmy Carter-type stupor, looked on.”

We all wanted change, but I neither wanted nor expected this. I am disappointed, angry and disgusted.


Carson City

Taxpayers overburdened and at the breaking point

We need to urge our senators to vote no on this energy tax bill that will be voted upon in a few days. This bill, if passed, will have a drastic hold on our weak economy. We, as taxpayers, are already overburdened with too much and too high taxes.

If this bill passes, we are doomed for more unemployment and a weaker recovery, if a recovery does come. We are being overtaxed to the rate at what brought us to the tea party, revolution and the founding of a new government and country. The taxpayer just cannot handle anymore. No one seems to be listening to us. The government just wastes and spends our money without any guilt or shame.

We urge you to contact your senators and representatives on this energy tax bill as we, the taxpayers of America, just cannot pay out any more. We are at our limits.


Carson City

Eagle Valley and staff serving community well

Being a longtime resident and playing golf in Carson City for many years, I want to publicly commend Jim Kepler, general manager, and the board of directors for the services provided by Eagle Valley Golf.

Under the leadership and ingenuity of Mr. Kepler during the last few years, the condition of the course is first-rate, the facility appearance is exemplary and the personnel staff in all areas is outstanding.

The Eagle’s Landing Grill provides high-quality food and the newly remodeled banquet area offers a great place for hosting banquets or post-tournament activities. Service personnel in all areas, whether it be the pro shop, restaurant or maintenance/grounds, are friendly and genuinely respect you as a customer.

Many landscape improvements have been made throughout the entire facility which enhances the beauty of the area.

With all the work that has been accomplished and the continuing effort to make improvements, rates for local citizens and out-of-town players are a bargain. Promotions such as the 50-mile club and punch cards make the rates very affordable. Whether you’re a first-time user, or have played there in the past, you’ll be pleasantly rewarded to play either the east or west courses.

As a local citizen who has seen and experienced many changes to this facility in the past, Carson City residents can be proud of the many accomplishments and improvements that have recently been implemented.


Carson City