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Letters to the editor, April 18

Taxation department should work with governor

I’m writing in regards to the March 25 front-page article, “Businessmen worry proposed rules would sharply raise property taxes,” about what’s to diversify the state’s tax base, bring in new businesses and expand the state’s economy.

Why is the state Taxation Department going contrary to the wishes and workings of the governor and the promotion of this state’s efforts in trying to bring in new businesses by going against what this state promotes, which is low business taxes?

I understand the need for more tax dollars to support the state’s budget, but in this case, is taxing what is now regarded as personal property – which would cost existing and prospective new and/or relocating businesses a whole lot more in state taxes – good for business?

This is another case of the right hand not knowing or working in unison with the left. The state agencies need to sit down and coordinate their efforts to go in the same direction.

Governor, let’s get ’em organized and working together for the benefit of us all.

Mike Zola

Carson City

Voters should reject mining tax initiative

If the mining tax initiative is put on the November ballot and passed, it would raise the cap on existing mining tax levels.

I hope the voters reject this initiative on principle alone. The principle is that any tax which is not broad-based and is targeted at a specific industry or business is not in the best interest of communities that are interested in the pursuit of lasting, well-paid employment.

Tax-targeting retards both business growth and new-business startups. Some large, well-funded companies approve of such targeting, as it hinders competition from lower-funded competitors entering a similar marketplace.

Too bad the lawmakers in Carson City do not have the vision or foresight to end all tax targeting, including gaming and sin taxes, by constructing and instituting a single- and simple-tax system, totally broad-based and cast in stone, in order to eliminate all targeting.

Such a system is not beyond accomplishment. Probably the biggest stumbling block to instituting such a system is that it would prevent politicians from selling tax favors each session in Carson City.

Thomas F. Jefferson