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Letters to the editor, April 28

Litter in drain disappoints resident

This morning as I walked, I decided to write a letter about the Earth and describe the anger I feel as I see trash being heaped in the drainage systems of Carson City.

I don’t walk very far as I’m 71. So I am specifically speaking of the open drain that exists between Governor’s Field and the Governors Square Townhouses. The water thereafter flows east past the Old Prison into the Carson River. This area looks like the city trash dump. Where does this stuff come from?

I’m not familiar with the underground storm drains, but they must have a connection to the Lowe’s shopping center, as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles, government buildings and parking, and the former Gottschalks center. Otherwise, why would there be large sheets of plastic, countless plastic bags, plastic cups, bottles and boxes, just spewing out of the Earth? This is not trash from homes; it is more from commercial origin.

Why can’t all these centers install screens and maintain some policing effort to keep our waterways clean? Why can’t the Department of Public Works bring a truck to haul the trash out? Why can’t the prisoners with work assignments work on this project as well as the highways?

One would think the neighborhood deserves some protection from trash, rats and mosquitoes, at least for the children and fans of the Little League, but I’ve been here five years and see no effort in thatdirection.

Happy belated Earth Day!

James Alexander

Carson City

Time is now to reorganize the government

All situations in life have a way to lessen the anguish of a bad situation. Sports have the punt, mulligan, etc. Personal finances have Chapters 11 and 7, or reorganization.

Clearly, the three branches of government have come to an impasse and cannot proceed in a forward direction. I believe that now is the time to reorganize the government. Cease all functions, put all assets in receivership and reorganize the government. Basically start over.

I do not know where we could find all the honest, do-good-for-general-population-type people, but I am sure there are leaders out there that we could vote into the offices.

The most corrupt portion of government has to be the executive branch, which is in charge of the Internal Revenue Service and living conditions in this United States, the best country in the world.

Craig Lewis

Carson City