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Letters to the Editor April 4

Teach students in our schools to speak English

I read through Richard Doke’s letter which was published in the Feb. 11 issue of the Nevada Appeal. I agree 99.9 percent that no other language should be spoken at our schools. But, when 30 percent of the kids speak only Spanish, are we to ignore them? They need to be taught English. Maybe the information will be transferred to their parents.

Ross Jensen

Carson City

NDOT studying pay-per-mile fee

In future years, Nevada will be billions short in funding for public roads due to the effects of inflation, hybrid/electric vehicle use and new efficiency standards expected to cut fuel consumption nearly in half by 2016. This will have a devastating effect on NDOT’s ability to provide the roads that all of us rely on. It also highlights the limitations of the fuel tax.

You have probably read about NDOT’s Vehicle Miles Traveled Fee Study, which will evaluate replacing the current fuel tax with a vehicle miles traveled fee. For this pilot study, a sampling of volunteers will have their vehicles outfitted with technologies to test different VMT systems, from simple odometer readings to more technological GPS systems.

The goal is to address the following questions: Can a VMT system meet the demands of the changing times? What about equity between different vehicle types? How will it ensure that accuracy, security and ease of payment are addressed? But, privacy is key. Can it be set up to limit the need for personal data? Can the highest level of accountability and transparency be achieved? Which system would allow the public the most input and ability to oversee fair use?

VMT systems have been evaluated and endorsed by national panels of experts. As VMT is debated nationally, this pilot study will give Nevada a head start in understanding how it might work for Nevada. To provide your input, visit http://www.vmtfeenv.com.

Scott Rawlins

Deputy director

Nevada Department of Transportation

Thanks for support during difficult time

I would like to thank the Dayton community for their support of my husband Manuel and me as we cope with the loss of our son, Victor Manuel Nanez, who died recently.

Our family has received amazing support from so many, among them Community Roots Nursery and Dayton Valley Nursery who provided beautiful arrangements for Victor’s service.

Also, profound thanks to the staff and volunteers at Dayton Community Food Bank, among whom we have found our extended family.

These people, many who have very little, generously gave financial donations to help offset our family’s expenses. And it is from them we’ve always received love, support and hugs.

I want everyone to know that these people, with so little, have given so much. To our town leaders, I say, “Stand up and take notice of the work that’s being done here, the service provided for so many, by so many. Stand up and take seriously Dayton’s need for a permanent home for our food bank and community services. Stand up and take seriously the need Dayton’s children have for a place to be safe during their free time.”

We each play a part in creating a community that is a blessing for all. Manuel and I have received those blessings and look forward to giving and receiving many, many more.

Olga Nanez and family


Republicans won’t fight for middle class

The GOP has learned well the tactics of deny, delay and then defend from the health insurance companies. They have copied the misinformation, deception and fraudulent practices of Wall Street and continue to obstruct any chance of corporate or insurance reform.

Our own Dean Heller who ran as a moderate, is a lock step, fall into line, right or wrong, let this administration fail by stalling and obstructing every step, positive for the American people or not, Republican who is assured of support for his reelection.

Our governor now wants to waste countless hours and money on a frivolous lawsuit.

People, we have not gotten our money’s worth from this governor or this representative. State employees, teachers – this governor has no love for you. The greed goes on by the banks. The insurance and those bonuses could have been used to pay people living wages or for insurance or to pay back the bailouts.

And the Republicans do not want any change, they want no middle class, just those who earn over $200,000 to prosper with tax breaks and incentives. The GOP is now seeming to follow the tactic that if you can’t establish your agenda by winning elections, win by obstructing the winner’s agenda. If you have received extended unemployment benefits or Cobra assistance, you should realize this would not be a priority for Republicans.

Jean Estrada

Carson City

Masto working to dismantle freedoms

In reference to the March 25 front page story headlined “Gibbons, Masto spar over suing feds,” it’s not so strange that Masto is reluctant to sue the feds for passing an unconstitutional takeover of the best health care system in the world.

Masto apparently had no qualms about falsely accusing an honorable member of our state government of misconduct with the sole intent of smearing the reputation of that member of the opposing party.

She apparently did not mind wasting the taxpayers’ dollars on that scam. I am beginning to think that the sole purpose of Masto’s political party is to march in lock step with the intent of completely dismantling our tradition of individual responsibility and the rights of the American people to live free of a totalitarian government.

When a political party has complete disdain for the will of the majority of the people they are elected to serve, it is time for the people to rise up and rid themselves of the yoke of oppressive government control.

Ben Crocker

Carson City

Past dealings with supervisor candidate

I see that Rob Joiner is running for Supervisor in Ward 1. Some time ago, I was sent to Joiner, who then worked in Public Works, over utility hookups. He informed me, and I quote, “the city government can do no wrong, there is no such thing as a hardship and past does not matter.”

Walt Sullivan, who was his boss at the time, may or may not remember the time I brought Mr. Joiner’s comments to the attention of the board of supervisors during a public comment period.

That was then, and this is now, but that’s the truth.

I sincerely hope Mr. Joiner has – as all candidates for public office should have, especially now – adjusted his attitude and availed himself of the details contained in the supreme law of our land, along with its founding documents and the Federalist Papers as well.

There are several other legal authorities available but space prohibits all but Ezekiel Chapter 34 at this point.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City


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