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Letters to the editor, April 5

Contraceptive debate a war on religious freedoms

Gardnerville resident Marion Barritt believes that radio host Rush Limbaugh should take a long vacation because of the comments he made regarding longtime feminist activist Sandra Fluke.

Ms. Fluke was denied access to the House committee hearings because Rep. Nancy Pelosi did not follow rules regarding witnesses at this hearing.

Ms. Fluke complains about not having access to insurance coverage for contraceptives at a Catholic law school. Why did Ms. Fluke choose Georgetown (a Tier 1 law school – obviously Ms. Fluke could have been admitted to almost any law school of her choice) if contraceptive coverage was so very important to her?

As a longtime Rush listener, I admit that his comments were not his usual tongue-in-cheek nature. He agreed, and apologized for that. This is not about a war on women, Ms. Barritt. This is about a war on the religious freedoms upon which this country was founded.

A quick glance at that pesky old First Amendment in the Bill of Rights guarantees the free exercise of religion. Oh, it also guarantees freedom of speech, even if it offends you.

Kate Sciacca

Carson City

Congress shouldn’t be exempt from laws

Congress should not make any laws, such as health care, that exempt the congressional and administrative members from the law. If they were not exempt, they would have read it before signing.

We are all citizens of the U.S., so all should be under the same law or no health care bill at all. To exempt some puts the financial burden on the rest.

More people should be talking about this.

Vinnie Madrid


We need fiscal conservatives running city

Regarding the City Center Project, the Board of Supervisors and the Republican Party, our current big-spender mayor is now running unopposed, and the majority of those filing for vacating Board of Supervisors seats are of the same wishful-thinking ilk as those leaving office.

Ignoring the realities of the economy and cultural demographics, these folks cling to the hope that the project will bring new employers to the city so that we can keep our young people here in good old Carson City to fill those great jobs.

Does anyone really believe that any employer will locate any but minimum wage jobs to a city where only half of the students graduate from high school? Does anyone really believe a new learning center will change reality?

Carson City is a great retirement community for people with a nice retirement income. These folks need and support well-paying professional jobs and have no need to support boondoggles like the Center City Project, the V&T Railroad, car dealer bailouts, green-space purchases or any other pipedream projects the Board of Supervisors might dream up.

I realize that the Board of Supervisors positions are supposed to be non-partisan, but that needs to change. We can no longer afford the hope-and-change progressives that occupy these seats.

Shame on the local Republican Party for not making sure that serious fiscal conservative candidates are running for these positions.

Ron Orbas

Carson City