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Letters to the Editor April 8

Striking back against Muth’s untruths

I was troubled by Chuck Muth’s April 2 column, “Checking in on Nevada’s Senate race,” knowing that Muth not-so-subtly promotes “his” candidate of choice, Sue Lowden, every chance he gets. Muth is so pro-Lowden that he created a blog with the sole intent of trashing Lowden’s closest challenger, Danny Tarkanian.

Referring to Tarkanian, Muth says, “if distorting your opponent’s record and twisting her words …” Her words. Since there are only two women in the race it’s easy to pick who he’s referring to.

On numerous occasions I have posted to Muth’s blog trying to debate or correct something he posted. However, Muth refuses to post my information. He demands I back up my information (done), he insists I use my full name (done) he resorts to name calling. It seems that Muth doesn’t want the public to see the truth, just his glossed over (untruthful) version is seen.

Muth and Lowden like to call Tarkanian out for disregarding the “11th Commandment” – no personal attacks against your opponent.  Since when is stating a different opinion on issues a personal attack?  Differences are what make each candidate stand out. However, as evidenced by his blog, Muth is proficient at disregarding the 11th Commandment.

When I said something to Muth about not posting my comments he told me to start my own blog, so I did. Please visit “Muth’s Untruths and Other Nevada Politics” at http://www.muthsuntruths.wordpress.com.

Bob Hastings


Capital City Reads program deserves cheers

Regarding Teri Vance’s article, “Students serve tea to promote understanding,” kudos to Carson Montessori Charter School Principal Jessica Daniels and Library Director Sara Jones.

They have put a wonderful program together for the kids and parents involving Greg Mortenson’s successful efforts building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They understand the importance, and make the effort to involve students in these projects where they can see and learn the difference in how children struggle to receive an education in Third World countries and how important it is to them.

Carson City has a real asset with the dynamic programs and partnerships Sara Jones has forged in our schools and community, especially her Capital City Reads program and bringing Greg Mortenson to speak here last month.

Steve Knight

Silver State Schools Principal

Carson Montessori Governing Body Member

Drill, baby, drill – right here in Nevada

Don’t get your hopes up or be fooled by President Obama’s fanfare on allowing offshore drilling. It is nothing more than a head fake to position him as a moderate for the upcoming debate over cap and trade.

If the president was really looking to increase America’s oil production, he would have opened areas with proven cheap reserves such as ANWAR, North Dakota and the western Gulf Coast, among others.

What is going on is criminal, predictable and planned. But that would be good for the country, and we know anything good for the country isn’t in the Democrat playbook.

We could become energy independent and see a barrel of oil at its historic price of around $25 within two years – not to mention the millions of high-paying jobs such a policy would create.

Nevada has a lot of oil in the ground. The problem is that our rock structure makes it extremely risky to drill. New technology was recently tested in Nevada and is very promising.

We need to provide incentives to any oil company that can find oil in Nevada which can be extracted for less than $35 a barrel. These incentives can take the form of tax breaks and low-cost lease payments for state lands. This will provide many good high-paying jobs in Nevada and bring more money into the state coffers.

Steve Yeater


Carolyn and Maizie misguided on health care

The arrogance of your two resident liberals, Carolyn Tate and Maizie Harris Jesse, is astounding. Their view on the new health care law is right, and the rest of us are just too dumb to understand this wonderful piece of legislation.

Well, I’ve got news for them. Maybe, just maybe, they’re terribly wrong. And if so, this law has the potential to be a disaster for our health care system, for the nation’s fiscal future, and for a future of limited government intrusion in our lives.

Their suggestion that it’s better than doing nothing and just a little tweaking in the future should make everything OK is ludicrous. The major problem with health care today is the unbridled rising costs. That affects everybody.

Unfortunately, this law does little to address that issue and will exacerbate a ballooning national debt.

Thomas H. Grayson

Carson City


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