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Letters to the editor Dec. 1

Reid’s moral character called into question

I must disagree with Dr. Paslov’s commentary in a recent Nevada Appeal when he described Sen. Reid as a man of impeccable moral character.

What was moral and ethical about his using taxpayers’ money to bribe fellow senators to sign on to Obamacare? What was so moral about passing a bill that admittedly no one had read?

And, of course, there’s always the question of why, if the so-called health care reform bill is so good, Congress managed to exempt itself from it? I wrote Sen. Reid and asked him that very question. Not surprisingly, he failed to answer.

And then there was that questionable land deal of his in Southern Nevada a few years ago – another test of his impeccable moral character.

Regarding Dr. Paslov’s last comment about “Robin Williamson’s loss was a loss for all of us,” I would ask him why. I think Pete Livermore will be an excellent assemblyman who will serve us all well.

Marilyn Sturges

Carson City

Time for U.S. to pull out

of United Nations

Time to get out of the United Nations. It is time we quit supporting an organization that continually berates the United States and at the same time awards crazy bad behavior from countries like North Korea, for example the story “U.N. Secretary General Eyes’ New Aid, Better PR Campaign, for North Korea,” on foxnews.com.

We are one of the biggest contributors to their many failed programs. Enough is enough; when will we ever learn that the UN does not have our best interest in mind?

Mark Gregory

Carson City

Ballet company spread joy with Nutcracker tickets

A great big holiday thank you to Pinkerton Ballet Theatre. This last weekend, more than 120 foster children and their families attended the Nutcracker at the Carson City Community Center with tickets provided by the good people at Pinkerton.

For many of these children, this was their first ballet. For many, it was their first time in a theater. The reports back from foster parents were full of excitement and gratitude. In the wake of seeing the Nutcracker, foster children all over the region were twirling about their temporary homes.

It is wonderful when the community remembers these children and these families. Saying thank you to foster parents and providing these kinds of experiences for the abused and neglected children who come into foster care reflects our shared belief as a community that children should be safe and healthy. Thank you Pinkerton Ballet Theatre.

Chris Bayer

director, CASA of Carson City