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Letters to the editor Dec. 10

‘Because we can’ is no reason for hunt

I attended the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s hearing to express my opposition to the proposed hear hunt. The commissioners listened as many questioned the motivation behind the hunt. Was it for revenue? At $100 per tag, that wasn’t it. For public safety? There are no attacks on the public by black bears, so that wasn’t it. To deal with nuisance bears? No, the hunted bears would be in the woods, not the neighborhood nuisances which are already dealt with individually.

Commissioner McBeath responded, “It’s not for public safety. It’s not for revenue. It’s not for dealing with the nuisance bears. It’s because we can.”

Because we can? Evidently, as long as the hunters who make up the commission have the power to make the decisions about what can be hunted, despite overwhelming public opinion to the contrary, our wildlife is not safe. And our opinions don’t count

When the wolves are guarding the chicken house, I am not surprised that NDOW voted 8-0 in favor of hunting the bears in Nevada. If this abuse of power bothers you too, make your voice heard. Take up your pen and write to the new Gov. Sandoval.

Kristin Field