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Letters to the editor Dec. 12

Crews had excellent response during outage

Kudos to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Douglas County Emergency Management and Communications, East Fork Fire Protection District, Carson City Sheriff, Nevada Highway Patrol and other agencies I may not know about regarding the actions taken to protect all county citizens Wednesday during the massive loss of most telephone communications.

I work within the county 911 dispatch center building, however, am not a county employee nor do I have anything to do with dispatch. I routinely monitor county radio communications on scanners in my vehicles and at home.

While en route to my job that morning, I became aware of this emergency. It quickly became very apparent that our county had a plan to deal with an emergency of this magnitude; almost all available deputies, both on and off-duty, were quickly mobilized to physically cover critical elements of the county infrastructure, including the schools, major commercial and other sites via their radio communications with the dispatch center and each other. The same held true for fire and paramedic agencies.

The net result was that the entire county remained protected the whole time, and no major problems occurred during the outage.

Fortunately, Frontier Communications was able to restore telephone service within a few hours, returning almost all of us to the status quo.

The next time you have a chance, thank a deputy, firefighter/paramedic, emergency management worker, and/or NHP officer for your safety. I know I will.

John S. Campbell


Paslov, Raggio both exhibit lack of shame

Nevada Appeal columnist Eugene Paslov lashed out awhile back at the cashiering of Sen. Raggio from his leadership role in the legislature. Raggio ostentatiously endorsed Reid’s re-election, and in the process, betrayed every Republican voter who believed his campaign speeches espousing honesty, limited government and individual freedom.

Endorsing the candidate who betrayed American soldiers in wartime and blatantly bribed socialized medicine into law allowed Raggio to indulge his snobbish jealousy of Angle’s popularity with the tea partiers. Too bad military families and regular voters don’t have unions and lobbyists; these sanctimonious politicians only shaft those with no such representation.

Paslov recently penned a column conflating the generosity of private philanthropy with government welfare, perfectly illustrating the cognitive dissonance of the patrician left. For him, compassion is coerced redistribution of other peoples’ earnings, but you can bet Paslov pays the legal minimum in taxes and not a penny more.

Both Raggio and Paslov suffer from the Bill Clinton disease: lots of pride, no shame.

Lynn Muzzy