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Letters to the editor Dec. 18

Leave nuclear waste in state where it originated

Let us discuss my experience with nuclear power and nuclear waste. I reported for duty and the security officer handed me a docimeter to wear whenever I was on duty, to record any leakage. He brought me to an elevator where we went down below the earth to a door which he opened into a huge room. I saw red phones sitting on each desk. During the course of my six-month duty, every now and then I could feel a trembling beneath the earth as the testing continued to go forward.

I have a healthy respect for nuclear power, but do I want to send all the accumulated waste to another state, like where I currently reside, Nevada? That waste was developed in another state. Leave it there.

Shirley Swafford

Carson City

New projects move Carson City in right direction

Thank you for providing more information about development and redevelopment projects in Carson City. Front page news, “Aesthetic look for freeway,” using history as a blend of landscape and art. This will continue to present Carson City as a welcoming town to visit.

The downtown business plan continues to offer a reason for community collaboration which creates job growth and provides a way to adapt in down times to spur the local economy in Carson.

I’ve been to the redeveloped Carson Mall, and each food business is trying to be better than the next. New businesses can raise the bar which will make all other business do the same.

It’s not enough to just open a business and wait for me to shell out my well-earned money because I want a bagel and you are the only business that makes bagels. Please know that as a customer, I want a very good bagel. I want to know that each time I come back, I will still get a very good bagel.

As Carson City moves forward in business growth, all current businesses will have to grow as well, and that’s wonderful for the community.

To be known as the place to visit, do business, with a well-known reputation for restaurants, entertainment and a historic district that’s pedestrian-friendly with places to see, eat and shop all on the same walk, will continue to bring more people to spend time and money in Carson City.

Carson City continues in a direction of becoming “The Little Town That Could.”

Linda Adams


The one true path to truth: Jesus Christ

Regarding Ray Davy’s Nov. 26 letter about faiths: He is right that there are many faiths and there is one creator.

Fact: Since there is only one creator, there is also only one truth, another name for the creator.

Meaning: If there is only one creator, one truth, there is also only one true faith based upon the one truth.

Logic dictates that if the various faiths do not teach the one truth, they cannot be true simply because God is truth and cannot be truthless.

And the only God to prove same was the Christ by his death and resurrection. Don’t think so? Where’s the body?

Mary Santomauro