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Letters to the Editor Dec. 2

Reader can’t stomach double dose of liberals

Regarding the commentary section of Nov. 27, I would say one of the two commentaries would have been OK. But two? One by Karl Fritsch and the other one by Dr. Eugene T. Paslov is overload.

Virgil Ball


Safer lights needed at Fairview, Saliman

What will it take for the Carson City traffic safety officials to notice the dangerous intersection at Fairview and Saliman – especially when some drivers completely disregard the speed limit coming off the new extension of the freeway?

I am talking about the left turn lane in particular, eastbound on Fairview turning left onto Saliman. At this intersection, Fairview bends a few degrees. Therefore, if you are heading east but waiting to turn left from Fairview onto Saliman, the bend in the road blocks a clear view of oncoming traffic, particularly if there are large vehicles waiting to turn left from westbound Fairview onto Saliman.

Instead of having that confusing blinking yellow arrow, which the majority of the driving public is unable to interpret correctly, why not change it to either controlled red or green left-turn arrows only? If the light is a solid green arrow, one will know with guarded confidence that the oncoming traffic has a red traffic light and is required to stop.

Let’s hope this dangerous situation is attended to before a fatality or serious accident occurs at this intersection.

Nazim Zaman

Carson City

Angel of charity appeared in line at Walmart

There are angels who walk among us, and tiny miracles that happen all around us.

I was at Walmart – huge order, busy, late and in a hurry. The checker was nice, rang it up, and I was $1.20 short of change. I was freaked out. OK, take off this, I said, or never mind that. The lady behind me in line, a sweet angel, said, “Oh, nevermind, I’ll cover it.”

There are kind angels among us. Thank you, my dear. May our Lord bless and keep you. May your charity be returned to you 10 times.

Ross Jensen

Carson City