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Letters to the editor Dec. 21

We should all embrace others’ beliefs, faith

Recently there have been many conversations and debates on the public display of nativity scenes or other religious exhibits.

Some people involved in groups that don’t have faith in these same beliefs argue that it is offensive to see these presentations around town; they honestly believe it should not be allowed, and the scenes should be taken down.

In my opinion, these non-supporters need to realize that it is a person’s right to believe and say what they want, just as it is their right to display what they believe. One specific example is in Athens, Texas, where a Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation asked Henderson County commissioners to remove from the courthouse lawn a nativity scene seen as an unconstitutional establishment of religion by government.

It is, in fact, not unconstitutional to set out a nativity scene or anything of this sort. The first amendment to the United States Constitution declares, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…”

Even though the displays may not go hand-in-hand with someone else’s beliefs, people or groups expressing their loyalty to their faith should be supported and free to do so.

Maddi Saarem

Carson City

What does BLM

consider inhumane?

Once again I have read how the BLM’s roundup of wild horses has resulted in some Mustangs being whipped in the face, kicked in the head, dragged by a rope around the neck, and repeatedly shocked with electrical prods, and the agency has the nerve to say that none of this rose to the level of mistreatment.

Are you kidding me? I would shudder to think what the agency’s level of mistreatment is. Where are the representatives of the BLM at these roundups, sitting in their cars reading the paper? Why is this allowed to happen in the first place?

I, for one, am totally disgusted with the level of abuse on these horses. This is a dirty business being conducted on behalf of ranchers who lease our public lands for virtually nothing to feed their cattle, and complain because some wild horses are taking away from their profit margins.

Well, Mr. Abbey, seems like the aggressive and rough handling of wild horses is acceptable, because it happens every single time these roundups are conducted. Just exactly what steps are being taken? I think we would all like to know.

Joanna Atha

Carson City

Help military find jobs, provide for families

My husband is in the 422nd Charlie Co., and will be returning in January. While I should feel ecstatic, I am terrified.

We have six kids, and I don’t know how we will keep a roof over their heads. He would love to go back and work for the prison, but we haven’t seen any openings. It is really sad that after two deployments and 17 years of service, he will be left jobless.

It would be nice if our employers in Carson and Reno set up a website to offer jobs to the men returning in January. They deserve to be able to provide for their families. They deserve so much more. They have sacrificed enough.

Melissa Carr

Carson City

Johnson’s right-wing opinions are out of touch

Reading the Appeal’s opinion commentary by Dennis Johnson was like listening to Newt Gingrich.

Just as Newt Gingrich forgets to mention that parks are public while telling the 99 percent to get a job and take a shower, Dennis Johnson forgets to mention while blaming Congress, that members were voted for by the public.

Who really is confused? I am not only a consumer, what I am is a citizen. Last time I checked this morning, there were two political parties, Republican and Democrat.

For Republicans, it’s all about the money – theirs, ours, yours, the government’s, other government’s, the 1 percents.

Who is really tunnel-visioned? As far as creating wealth, people create wealth, not corporations. Corporations are nonpersons. And I did not hire the one, nor did I vote for them.

People who create wealth don’t irritate me, I admire them – just as I admire police, firemen, doctors, nurses, more than I can name – because I know that I create wealth also. I am not worth any less than the 1 percents. Most Democrats know this also.

Mr. Johnson is anarchist, plain and simple, same as Republicans as long as they equate money to citizenship.

Duane Halgrimson