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Letters to the editor Dec. 25

Reader enjoys Kids Page in Tuesday Appeal

I very much enjoy the Kids Page in the paper. It is great that the Appeal is publishing educational and enjoyable activities for children of all ages. Even grownups can pick up interesting information on these pages.

Thanks for entertaining while educating our children.

Dianne Solinger

Carson City

Ice rink, museum provide great family entertainment

Thank you for the ice skating rink downtown. What a wonderful program and so affordable if we take advantage of the specials, like the after-school skate times and family nights. I had fun watching the grandkids and hope that we can continue bringing the rink in every year.

Thank you to the volunteers and staff at the Railroad Museum for the Santa Train. We’ve been enjoying it for 10 years with the grandkids. This year’s mild weather seemed to bring out even greater numbers of enthusiasts. During past years, we’ve waited in deep freezes, 50 mph winds and snow. It would be a shame to have the train museum moth-balled due to budget cuts. This is one of the highlights for the grandkids when they are in town and when the steam engine is running.

Thank you to the Carson Middle School band for a wonderful performance. I was truly amazed at the talent of the students and dedication of the instructor. The percussion instrumentation was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

There are fun things to do in Carson City. I hope they continue to be available in the future.

Rochelle Summers

Carson City