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Letters to the editor Dec. 30

Don’t assume worst

about those with signs

In his Nov. 25 letter titled “Eyesores starting to take over Carson,” Mr. Dealy asks, why, who and what do the people holding up the Jesus signs want.

Let me invite him to First Harvest Church at 160 Long St. We hold services at 10 a.m. Sundays. Here all his questions can be answered. He also is invited to join us for the free lunch we serve to the community each Sunday after services.

His assumption that these people are transients shows his prejudice against all people who think and act differently from what he demands. We have a 12-step program on Thursday evenings that can help him with his prejudicial afflictions.

Why did he think only people who hold up Jesus signs are transients? What about all the people who hold up “pizza” and “car wash” signs? Is this acceptable, or are they transients, too?

Mr. Dealy, I think a little Jesus in your heart toward your neighbors can only help you, not hurt you. Not that it would be any of your business, but yes, we have jobs and pay our taxes.

We would be delighted to have you report what is going on to the proper authorities, as you stated you would do in your letter. God, the proper authority, is always here to listen to your sorrows and to help you seek comfort within yourself. God bless you.

Patricia Hanson


Use common sense

with wild horses

On Dec. 6, eight wild horses were sold at a discretely advertised sale. This was held on a Tuesday, being sold only from photographs, selling to first-come, first-claim, with immediate ownership, and if not purchased, would go to Fallon for auction – slaughtered.

The day before the sale, the stallion was gelded, even though he was advertised for sale as a stallion. On Dec. 1, the head of the Nevada Division of Agriculture was notified that a nonprofit horse group would purchase the band.

Horse Power was given permission to pay for the gelding of the stallion the day before the sale, knowing the horses were to be removed the day of the sale. The horses were purchased by the Let ‘Em Run foundation, the only buyers there.

Governor Sandoval, you have time for photo opportunities, but no time to address the incompetence of your appointed head of the NDA. Jim Barbee needs to be removed from any responsibilities dealing with the Virginia Range horses. No common sense was used in the above situation. What future harm will he do next?

Mike McBride

Carson City

Vote party line,

give up paycheck

Sen. Dean Heller was right when he said the senators and representatives who do not do their jobs should not be paid. We all know a business cannot succeed if its workers don’t do their jobs, and neither can a government.

I think this applies to the elected officials who vote the straight party line. They have the responsibility to read the presented bills, consider the consequences if the law is enacted, and determine whether the bill is in the best interest of the people they represent.

Unfortunately, there are too many in Congress who have voted the pure party line at least 99 percent of the time. This says to me they have neither read the bills nor do they understand the implications of the effect the legislation will have on the people they represent.

When I see percentages like this I know we are paying that robotic member to betray the citizens of the state that elected him or her.

I was surprised when Heller made the statement he made, since he has voted more than 99 percent straight party line. We deserve better.

Nancy Gammie

Carson City