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Letters to the editor Dec. 31

On the other hand, Palin editorial cartoon was right on

You recently had a letter in your paper from a person who objected to the cartoon depicting Sarah Palin shooting at Santa’s reindeer. I just want to say that I disagree with that comment.

The cartoon was hysterical, and made me laugh out loud. Since Sarah Palin decided to air her show about Alaska, showing her clubbing a large fish to death and shooting a reindeer, she opened herself up to cartoons like that.

I question the wisdom of showing her violent nature on television, but if that is what she wants to do, then cartoons like the one recently in the paper are fair game, and appreciated by at least some of us.

Arlene Couts


Where was this judge several decades ago?

Mandatory – required by, having the nature of or relating to a mandate, obligatory. That is what mandatory means.

In order to drive a vehicle on any state roadway of any kind, you must pay a registration fee – mandatory. In order to drive that vehicle on any state roadway, you must pay a license fee – mandatory. In order to drive that vehicle on any state roadway, you must have vehicle insurance – mandatory.

In most states, you must wear a helmet in order to ride a motorcycle on state roadways. This is also mandatory. You can’t drink and drive. You can’t smoke in almost all buildings. You can’t kill yourself with drugs. You can’t commit suicide. You can’t beat your kids – mandatory.

Now some judge has determined that the new mandatory health insurance law is unconstitutional. Well, either the judge is an idiot, or we the people are total idiots for paying mandatory fees to whatever state we live in.

If mandatory is unconstitutional, then I want all my money back. As I am 71 years old, that would be a bundle.

Jean Nobriga