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Letters to the editor Dec. 4

Decorative mural in hidden place is a waste

A decorative mural is in the process of being created on a concrete abutment that leads from underneath the freeway to the street below at Northridge Drive at Lompa.

The design is in the process of being etched into the surface of the concrete with sand-blasting equipment, and then paint will be applied. While this project is being completed, Northridge Drive has been restricted to one lane of traffic in each direction.

I am not against decorative murals, but to create one tucked up underneath a freeway underpass, where it is almost unnoticed, doesn’t make much sense to me. The funding must be coming from either the state of Nevada or the federal government. In either case, in my opinion, it is a waste of money when those funds could be better spent in repairing some of our city streets or improving our city parks.

Keith W. Berry

Carson City

Time for taxpayers to speak up about WNC class

The local community should have a voice on the subject of Western Nevada College endorsing Tom Kubistant’s academic freedom, soliciting students to support risky practices.

I have questions for the administration, and I am asking the local community to also question.

1. In light of the Penn State coach scandal, no complaints for all those years, can WNC really justify not taking this seriously? What do the readers think?

2. If there have been 7-8 years, three semesters each year, 35 students in a class, there is a total of 700-800 student evaluations. They brag about having 300 good ones. Where are the other 400-500 evaluations. What is the drop rate?

3. WNC VP Mark Ghan stated to the Nevada Appeal that sexual harassment is unwelcomed, and since I did not drop the class, he considers it welcomed, therefore not protected by harassment policies. WNC decides who can be discriminated against and violates students’ basic civil rights. What do the readers think about WNC picking and choosing what classes and what students have protection of the Constitution?

4. Past students have posted comments that they took Kubistant’s class while they were in high school, at ages 16 and 17. Should there be an age requirement?

5. The college class description is totally false. Should the college be immune to standards of advertising that local businesses have?

6. Should taxpayers support a sex class with no academic value?

We heard from the few students. Now it’s time for locals to speak.

Karen Royce

Zephyr Cove

*Editor’s note: Karen Royce, a former student in Professor Tom Kubistant’s Human Sexuality class, filed complaints with Western Nevada College over the course curriculum. The college determined that her complaints were unfounded – a ruling she’s appealing to the chancellor.

Deciphering the facts

out of the opinion

Laurence Pederson’s letter wants to know who is telling the truth. That depends on if you’re watching Fox opinion programming or MSNBC opinion programming. Both networks have actual news breaks, however; the others are personalities stating their opinion, not actual information, just sound bites.

For actual information go to C-Span online or watch the C-Span networks. With C-Span, you actually get to hear the proposed bills in Congress by our elected. There are no waving banners on C-Span. C-Span doesn’t tell you what to think.

First question, if you shut down the federal government offices, nobody gets any mail, let alone checks. See C-Span online for actual statements that were being said at the time. Only national security goes on, not administrative duties.

See factcheck.org and congressional budget office fact sheet online for details on the Republican Paul Ryan plan for Social Security changes. We will be fine – not so for future generations. If you’re rich, it won’t matter if you are middle class or poor, much will change.

Imagine depending on the stock market or interest rates for future living. Even Reagan wanted to always protect Social Security for future generations. Check the Seven Falsehoods about Health Care on factcheck.org. See Congressional Budget Office fact sheet of projected savings in 10 years. Benefits and billing to Medicare have changed over the years and will continue to do so, no matter who is president.

Linda Adams


Anti-occupy sign holder doesn’t understand movement

To the people who drove by Saturday with a sign reading, “We are the 1 percent, we pay your entitlements” while Occupy Carson City was protesting, I would just like to say that you obviously have no idea who we are.

Many of us have jobs, while others are retired and living on our retirement/Social Security that we paid into for years when we were working.

We are not there protesting just for ourselves, we are protesting for the thousands who have lost their jobs because greedy corporations have taken their business to other countries where they can get cheap labor, and make more money. They have no concern for those they have put out of work in this country.

We are out there for the thousands who have lost their homes because of greedy and corrupt financial institutions. We are out there because we care.

If you are the 1 percent, you must be making over a million dollars a year, lucky you, but you are not paying my entitlements because I don’t get entitlements. I live on what I earned all the years I worked.

Carmen Jimenez

Carson City

Let horses be free

Stop feeding and watering wild horses.

On the north side of Mound House, drive around, and what you see on every street, vacant lot and unfenced yard is horse manure. If the residents were not feeding and watering the wild horses, this horse manure would not be evident.

These horses need to be back in the hills where there is plenty of feed and an abundance of water within one mile of Highway 50. These are wild horses, and you have turned them into nuisance pets. They are not afraid of automobiles or people. If you want to feed and water a horse, adopt one and keep it in a corral where it will be out of harm’s way.

This is the reason you see horses beside the road at Mound House. Let’s keep the vehicles and horses safe, and view them from afar. You are well-meaning people, and it’s fun to have horses in your yard, but how much fun is it to see one of them mangled, half dead or dead along the side of the highway or on their way to Mexico to be slaughtered?

Please think of what’s best for the horses. Please stop. Let them be free and safe. Everyone will be appreciative of your cooperation.

Cathy Moore

Carson City