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Letters to the editor Dec. 5

This great nation is still

a work in progress

In a recent letter, Connie Chauvel-Gomez gave her opinion that “we need to return to the morals on which this great nation was founded.” The morals on which this nation were founded included such things as legalized slavery, the denial of a woman’s right to vote – newspapers at the time probably would not have even published a letter from a woman – the destruction of native peoples and cultures under the banner of manifest destiny, and later, the internment of Japanese-Americans without due process.

So, I must take exception to those who refer to our “once great” nation. Our nation is an experiment still in the works. Our Constitution is an awesome document, but it is a living document. We are a patchwork of many different people, with many different faiths – or none at all – and we hold many different opinions. Our struggle to co-exist has resulted in civil war, civil rights, and women’s suffrage – difficult times that strengthened our nation and improved our Constitution.

Our country has never been perfect, and never will be, but over time, we seem to mostly get things right. I don’t believe that our best times are behind us.

Gregg Berggren

Carson City

Reader has an earful to tell Reid; will he listen?

Marilyn Sturges of Carson City in her Dec. l Nevada Appeal letter says it all. She wrote, as I did, requesting a simple yes or no answer. The question – if the health care reform bill is so great, why is Congress excluded?

I got the same response as she did. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

It doesn’t take a tarot card reader to figure. And now we are stuck with health care unless enough pressure gathers to repeal this attack on American liberty.

Then close to election time, Harry got scared. He wrote me three long two-page letters which had nothing to do with health care reform. Only about his great deeds for Nevada. But anxiety runs high, so he phoned me twice for one of those town meetings. I hung up. What I would say to him is between him and me. And it wouldn’t be too swell.

I also agree with Ms.Sturges about Dr. Paslov’s comments and obvious mile-high approval of Reid. I wonder if they belong to the same fraternity or the “Aren’t-I-just-wonderful” club. Because he writes in the box, I pass over his column.

Overall, the Appeal as well as the Record-Courier do good work with good writers. And hey, since Harry won, I wrote him my last letter. Not that he cares. But I congratulated him on winning.

Barbara Griffiths