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Letters to the editor Dec. 8

Anonymous letter writer had no guts, or class

Last Sunday the Nevada Appeal ran an article about the Toys for Tots, sponsored by the Marine Corps. And the reporter happened to interview yours truly for the story. I had just purchased a toy Nerf gun and placed it in the barrel.

Today, Saturday, I received an unsigned letter with a smudged postmark – don’t know how they did that. However, the person chastised me for buying a toy gun to give to a child. They said that wasn’t a gift but a teacher of bad behavior. So, in response to said letter writer, shame on you. By not signing your name or giving an address, you are a coward. And we certainly do not need any more of your kind.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. I hope that whoever gets my gift has a great time with it and goes on to learn the basics of gun safety. Perhaps they will become a dedicated policeman or, horror of all horrors, a U.S. Marine, dedicated to defending the rights of cowards like you.

You know who you are, and you know who I am and where I live, but you, by your actions, have shown me, and now other readers, what kind of a person you are. You insult my gift and me and don’t have the courage to sign your letter. Well, Merry Christmas anyway.

Ed Deusenberry

Carson City

Death penalty deserved in Silver Springs case

Lyon County District Attorney Bob Auer has decided not to seek the death penalty for James Masterson for allegedly killing his own grandmother in Silver Springs, taking her car and credit card and jewelry, and, of all things, burying her in his grandfather’s back yard so he could get more heroin.

If found guilty, he will get 20 years in prison, and we the taxpayers will have to feed him. Our jails are full as it is.

The way I see it, you take a life, you forfeit yours.

Linda McGinty

Silver Springs