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Letters to the editor Feb. 10

Deputy should show more courtesy to citizens

I was driving south on Roop, to get to a business on Stewart Street. Following detour signs, I turned east on Burton. Traffic control barricades were up, leaving room for a vehicle to drive through. No signs were up.

As I crossed to Stewart, there was an officer parked in the driveway with another officer standing next to his vehicle. He approached me, asking in an arrogant voice what I was I doing. He said that this was a work zone, and the street was closed.

I explained I was trying to get to Stewart, and no signs were posted stating the road was closed. He told me he didn’t need signs, that the road was closed and he could impose a $200 fine on me. His attitude was pompous and arrogant.

He told me he wanted my driver’s license and registration – he wanted to check me out. He returned my license and said I was clear. I told him that his attitude was not necessary. Then I thought to keep my mouth shut. He said he had 20 years at his job and knew what to do.

I suggest he read the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Try Section 6. I’m sure with my tax dollars alone you could take the traffic tech course.

Our deputies shouldn’t display this kind of attitude.

Ken Allen

Carson City

Israel knows how to keep its people safe

When the Miranda decision first came down, I was working at the juvenile probation office in a California county. The notice was posted on the break room bulletin board.

A top probation officer read it and said, “Everyone in this room will live to regret this decision.” How right he was. But little did we realize that there would come a time when our own government would give Miranda rights to foreign terrorists who bombed American buildings, killed Army personnel on an American base, etc.

It’s time our so-called leaders took a lesson from the Israelis. They take care of their own citizens against great odds. Of course, we don’t have people the caliber Ben-Gurion, Netanyahu and Golda Meir.

If the American professional politicians want to be known as saviors of the world, they should become missionaries.

Elizabeth McCarthy

Carson City

Can anyone explain state hiring logic?

I can’t take it anymore. Gibbons said he would be suggesting that state workers get a 6 percent pay cut. Can someone in the governor’s office please explain to me why agencies are still hiring people, and not low (pay) grades but high-grade people, because no one wants to train a trainee to do the job.

I am very confused by this. Employees are also getting upgrades. Can’t this wait until the state is back on its feet? If someone understands this at all, please help me to understand.

At least when layoffs come around, the new hires will be the first to go with an, “Oh, sorry. Sorry you moved from a different state. Sorry, but now you can collect unemployment from Nevada and get on welfare through Nevada.”

Please someone help me understand the logic in all this.

Angela Furton

Carson City