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Letters to the editor Feb. 18

Carson City reaches out

to grieving mother

Thank you Carson City. We are friends of Amy and Jacob. Jacob left us after a short unexplained illness.

The Nevada Appeal and Fran Norton did an excellent article on Amy and Jacob. We are so proud to say we are part of Carson City. The residents and businesses helped this single parent in a time only one who has lost a child can imagine.

The donations poured in making it possible to bury this sweet little boy and help during this difficult time. The firefighters stepped up immediately which took such pressure off of Amy just knowing her little boy could be buried. We have seen in the past wonderful ways firefighters have saved lives, but now they helped a little boy that lost his life.

All we can say is thank you, and you are always in our prayers. Thank you Pastor James Parker and the entire congregation of Freedom Church. You went beyond the call of duty offering your facilities and the outreach of your hearts.

Our daughter, Becky, and Amy have been friends for 11 years. We have watched these girls grow up and have children. Becky has been by Amy’s side this entire time.

Becky, we are so proud of you and what a good friend you have been to Amy and Jacob. Amy, we are always here for you; you are in our prayers. And never forget, you are always Jacob’s mommy. We will all be together again.

Keith and Debbie Barham

Carson City

Our country needs universal health care

The United States of America is the only industrial democracy without universal health care for its citizens. All our allies know that not only is health care a right of citizenship, but, in the long run, less of an economic burden on the country.

People live longer, healthier, happier, more productive lives. We have lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality, double the cost for less health care, all due to the greed of the insurance industry and the corruption of our congressmen who do their bidding.

Vin Agamenone

Carson City

Did crooked politicians help suppress generics?

We need health reform now. I worked hard all my life, earning a college degree while raising two children as a single parent.

In 2007, I became very ill and was forced to quit working. As a result, I lost my health insurance. Since then I have racked up $40,000 in medical bills – including two stays in the hospital – and I pay over $600 a month out-of-pocket for my life-saving medications. I sometimes have to eat poorly and skip meals to pay for these meds, none of which has a cheaper generic version even though it has been over a decade since these medications were put on the market.

I suspect corruption in Congress has allowed these drug companies to suppress generics for the purpose of high profits.

Judi Mills