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Letters to the editor Feb. 24

Where’s Mark Twain when you need him?

Chuck Muth and Eugene Paslov deserve one another. Their columns do have the merit of revealing to the readers the peculiar reasoning of politics on the edges. Thus, there is possibly something beneficial in keeping them both.

Can’t say the same for the pathetic, repetitious blather emanating from Michael Reagan. O’Reilly’s opining at least appears to be thoughtful and is sometimes even amusing.

What the country needs now is a resurgence of the RINO tradition, from Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Earl Warren and onward.

Larry Taylor

Carson City

No more aid for illegal immigrants

Referring to Michael Mangiaracina’s letter Feb. 12, the 2001 Nevada Legislature passed a law to assist low-income families pay their electric and gas bills. It is obvious as long as they get this handout, they will not help themselves.

In reference to a provision in President Bush’s Medicare Reform Law which compensates hospitals for care to undocumented immigrants, I agree it is about time they pay their own bills and not have someone else pay them.

Charles L. Sheldon


It’s time to enact sane tax increases in Nevada

I listened to the governor’s State of the State message, and recently I attended the Legislative workshop hearings that were held co-jointly in Reno and Las Vegas. Estimations that close to 500 people were in attendance, and due to time constraints, only about 90 were able to make a three-minute presentation. The three-hour meeting was extended an hour. Understandably, each had their own agenda but all had the best interests of the state in mind.

A few short years ago, taxpayers were given a refund of approximately $300. I will gladly repay this money and more if needed to bring us back into solvency.

Does the governor’s plan ensure that the deficit will be covered? What if that answer is no? Does he plan to further erode the infrastructure of the state with more cuts to education?

Gibbons’ plan is a non-workable one-sided economic equation. A reasonable person would see that an increase in revenues is also required. I would rather make a positive sacrifice short-term than a negative sacrifice long-term.

I implore the legislators to hold an irresponsible governor to task. Be creative and proactive in this time of need.

Joel Flamenbaum

Carson City