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Letters to the editor Feb. 27

Livermore stands up for what is right

Just a thank you to Supervisor Livermore and the Chamber of Commerce for voicing some logic in the projected public/private boondoggle. Just what is it that makes our elected politicians think they have any authority or right to steal from the public in the name of taxes to invest or any way engage or participate in commercial risk ventures?

If one pays just a little attention to development of the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution it specifically authorizes governments to regulate commerce; nowhere does it authorize governments to engage in commerce. In fact, there was extensive discussion in that original body of brilliant men concerning the concept of how do we give government the authority to regulate commerce while at the same time prohibiting them from engaging in commerce.

Donald McKenzie

Carson City

Tests don’t always measure true skills

This month I received one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten for Valentine’s Day.

The gift came from a sixth-grader at Eagle Valley Middle School. I’m a counselor there, and every student on campus can tell you how much I love pugs. Carlos caught me after lunch, pulled out a library book of dog breeds, opened it to the pages featuring pugs with an announcement of “Happy Valentine’s Day.” We shared the pictures and the information before he closed the book and headed for class.

This young man started the year as a struggling student, shy and withdrawn, low on reading skills. Over the course of the year, he has gained confidence and increased his skills because of good teaching and good mentoring. Does he still struggle with reading? Yes. Will he pass the spring standardized tests? Not sure. Will he be a successful, spirited, gentle man who can read someday? I’d bet on it.

Carlos’ Valentine gesture can’t be measured under No Child Left Behind, Annual Yearly Progress, Criterion Reference Tests or any other ways states and districts have developed at huge costs to measure students’ academic progress. By these standards, this young man does not indicate success.

For school districts seeking accountability, data has become the only way of predicting success. But every good educator knows data has to be tempered with the heart. Hence, my best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

Cherie Mathis

Carson City

America needs

GOP to say ‘no’

Republicans said “no” to Obama because his actions do not fulfill his words, and are harmful to America.

Stimulus programs promoting jobs? Do you mean like the millions of dollars he gave to districts here that do not exist? Or the millions he gave China, creating jobs there to make windmills for our energy production? Do you mean the millions he gave Brazil to produce oil, instead of hiring Americans to develop our own resources? Or the unlawfulness of his wealth distribution program, tantamount to stealing from one group of people to give to another? Or Obama’s taking over the auto, banking, real estate and health care industries, replacing the free market?

Republicans don’t need divine knowledge to understand the Democratic manipulative language used in behind-closed-door meetings, nor to recognize Sen. Harry Reid buying votes for the health care idea, for which anyone else would be prosecuted.

Mary Santomauro