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Letters to the editor for Saturday, March 5, 2016

Panel missing important perspective

The re-activation of the New Energy Industry Task Force is an interesting move in the middle of the PUCN actions on roof top solar and the large companies wanting to buy energy on the open market.

Those selected for the panel seem to come from the energy producers or contractors who will be suppliers to NV Energy and/or the power grid through transmission lines. Transmission lines and power plants are the investments utilities make to increase their equity and allow them to justify increased utility rates.

The panel includes no one representing the academic research on the new energy options or any customer or customer group. Why?

Ray Bacon

Carson City

Mental health testing for all? After you Mr. President

I came across a very interesting article at Liberty Headlines, written by Alex Newman, which states the Feds are trying to force all adults and children to be subjected to mental health testing.

Really? For what purpose? It goes along with Hitler’s control of the people!

My opinion is: if it becomes law, then Obama, all of Congress, the Supreme Court, (who thinks it has the power to change the Natural Law designed by God, who created it and everything else that exists, including those mentally challenged), and all government workers be the first ones to comply … in that order!

Mary Santomauro