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Letters to the editor for Saturday, May 10, 2014

Parents, not schools, should teach children about sex

I’m a young woman at 25 years old. What’s really unnerved and disturbed me is the culturally Marxist campaign to over-sex our society through public school teaching.

As I reflect on my school days, I remember being very uncomfortable with sex being taught as a simple act that just “needs protection” and all the nitty gritty details at way too young an age. Next thing you know, condoms are being passed out in elementary schools! Disgusting.

I’m not for sheltering people or children from reality, but sex education belongs as a discussion with and through parents. It was certainly easier to listen to and discuss not just the physical, but psychological, spiritual, and emotional facets of sexuality with my mother and close role models I knew personally and trusted.

For those of you who are educators, if you really care about youngsters, at least ask them how they feel about sex being discussed right before puberty, if not earlier. This is coming from a young person who is on the student end of the experience. Rant is over.

Brittany Corbridge

Carson City

Bundy is committing more crimes than most realize

I think Bundy has committed more crimes than previously stated. By allowing 400 head of cattle to run on BLM land he has stolen the food source from many animals, including mustangs, deer and big horn sheep, which has the state of Nevada issue hunting tags for because there isn’t “enough food for them.” By taking away the food for wild animals they take away predators’ food and they get blamed and shot. The cattle, also, destroys the ground that birds nest on and other land animals live in.

I don’t know how anybody can condone this fact. Some people will not get my vote again. Thank you.

Delores Zetak