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Letters to the editor for Sunday, July 21, 2013

Linking bomber to Christ is blasphemy

Bob Thomas’ 7-18 commentary regarding his experience in 1959 with the B-70 Bomber is more than disturbing to those of us in our community who hold the NAME of Jesus Christ, Savior as sacred. To liken this NAME to a B-70 Bomber is truly grievous. Jesus’ message was of love and life; a B-70’s message is of destruction and death. Our elected officials, including the President of the United States, take their oaths of office on the Bible, which includes the words and teachings of Jesus Christ. Have a little respect for others’ deeply-held beliefs.

Carolyn Merz

Carson City

Kudos to smart jury in Zimmerman trial

Congratulations to the Zimmerman jury for getting the verdict right. They listened to all of the testimony, considered all of the evidence and, according to attorneys from both sides, paid close attention to the trial at all times. Given the scope and nature of the evidence, it was an open and shut case that never should have seen the inside of a courtroom.

Congratulations also goes out to the mainstream media that identified the first “white-Hispanic” human being in the history of the world. Where would we be as a society and culture if they weren’t able to deftly inject their race baiting agenda into contemporary news reporting? A big shout out to Barack Obama is timely as well. Since he uttered the phrase in March 2012, “If I had a son, he would look like Travon,” over 500 black people have been murdered in his hometown of Chicago. Do they look like his hypothetical sons too, or are they expendable because their deaths don’t advance his political agenda?

And finally, Harry Reid should spend less time on Sunday talk shows encouraging the Department of Justice to go after Zimmerman on civil charges and spend more time and energy talking about amending and/or repealing the greatest job killer of the middle class during our lifetime: Obamacare. It’s not all bad news for the left though. At least the Zimmerman trial has given the administration relief from having to account for the Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS and NSA scandals.

Dan Cerda


Seniors’ experiences formulate their views

In reference to Sam Bauman’s commentary regarding political conversations at the Carson City Senior Center and Andy Harold’s opinions of July 13 of the same mind set, I found both opinions and questioning of seniors becoming so “dumbed down” to believe what they hear on FOX News or talk shows offensive and insulting!

Many of those seniors have served and loved this country for all their lives and have a right to watch, listen and speak as they wish, where they wish without degradation from judgmental persons who listen and read what they consider correct thinking and reporting. When our seniors cannot freely express their valid concerns, while watching the decline of their beloved country, without being criticized so shamefully by others who possess an opposing reality, it’s sad. Those seniors were advised to research for facts and opinions and, “Oh yes — and one more thing is needed — an open mind.”

Maybe those who criticize the mentality of the seniors at the senior center should take their own advice. Your reality and your life experiences apparently are very different; however, it would be a kindness to respect and tolerate the voices of others who have paid their dues. More often than not, our seniors have given beyond the call of duty. You might ask yourself questions as to why you have a need to belittle their opinions, their realities and their fears!

Donna Simpson

Carson City

Signs would guide us to wonderful locales

I love Carson City, as do most of my friends. Let’s show our guests the fabulous things we have. Many drive through on the highways and go on there way. If we want them to stop, we need to tell them what we have: great historical items and many other interesting places like old mint and museums, historic district, Stewart Indian School, capitol complex, V & T Railroad to Virginia City, Nevada State Railroad Museum, many golf courses and much more.

We need to show them how to find these places. If we were to put some large welcome signs at north, east, and south entrances with large signs, and a place to pull off the road to stop and pick up some maps of great Carson City with places to park. While at it, I am sure they will stop for food and drinks. I am sure this can be done with minimum cost and problems with our citizen’s normal traffic.

Harry Fowler

Carson City