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Letters to the editor Jan. 1

Obama turning the U.S. into Venezuela

In regards to Cliff Yeater’s commentary on Dec. 9, we’ve had a daily emergency since the day after Obama’s inauguration. I expect any morning now that the Feds will have taken over our oil industry because of public price gouging. The following morning we’ll find our news media, radio and TV will be required to get permission to broadcast any news from the Feds – something very much like Mr. Chavez in Venezuela.

V. L. Ball


A tip of the plow as

he drove out of sight

On recent morning the wife and I were clearing snow from our driveway. We live on a secondary snow route so the city/county does plow. Usually, that plowed snow gets piled onto the end of the driveway and, with the amounts we’ve had, is quite daunting to clear.

As we were clearing it, a city plow was approaching. Without a word, the driver stopped, pulled in slightly, cut his plow in and cleared our driveway. Then, also without a word, he drove away. We’d like to say “thank you” to that plow driver, and to all the city workers who have had to be out in the mess.

David Allen

Carson City

Effort counts in

health care debate

First, I would like to address something myself and plenty others are tired of hearing about: Socialist government. The current health care reform bill trying to be passed is not, and I repeat myself, is not a socialistic government-run health care.

Stop trying to scare people. It’s quite pathetic. And if you still think it’s socialistic, let’s point out other examples then, by your definition, that are socialistic health care.

Medicare, for example, is then a socialistic health care, yet dozens of older adults and senior citizens that I hear complain about the bill being socialistic are on Medicare, a federally run health care system. Also, I would like to point out another viewpoint that borderlines many logical fallacies.

I hear a lot of people comparing the reform strictly to Canadian medicine, which in the view of Americans is not adequate apparently. Comparing it to Canadian medicine does not do the opposing viewpoint any justice. These people fail or lack the ability to mention the 13 European nations with the same style health care, which works for them.

Second, I would like to address the fact that people nag, or harass Democrats (Obama) for their health care reform. Either good or bad, we must at least give them credit for trying. During the eight years the Republicans held power did they try? I think not. Even if the Democrats fail, at least give them credit for making an effort.

Jonathan Feldstein

Carson City

Rants not based

on misconceptions

In Eugene Paslov’s Dec. 19 editorial, he states: “It’s very disheartening that so many Nevada Appeal letter writers lament what they consider a trend by our government to become socialist and Marxist. Most of the letter writers have little understanding of these political/economic concepts and mindlessly rant based on misconceptions.”

Really? I, for one, have first-hand knowledge of these politic/economic concepts, having traveled through East Germany, East Berlin and the Soviet Union, and although we’re not there yet, I can already see disturbing similarities in the direction we’re headed.

The “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us” mentality already exists in unionized areas of government service. Bureaucrats and politicians are becoming a privileged class. And, oddly enough, the Soviets referred to people of their political persuasion as “progressives.”

No, Dr. Paslov, the letter writers to which you refer do not “rant based on misconceptions.”

Kenneth Watters, PhD


Family thanks

all of Carson City

We just wanted to take a minute to thank the Carson City community for all of the prayers, support and love that you have extended to our family during the past months.

Your kindness and compassion only reinforce why we have and will continue to make Carson City our home. We would not have been able to make it through these difficult times without your support.

The Nash family wishes each of you a love- and peace-filled 2010. We love you Carson City.

Wayne, Tami, Jordan, and Whitney Nash

Carson City