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Letters to the editor Jan. 14

Letter writers hit the mark on nation’s ills

Wow! Jan. 3 was a banner day for letters to the editor.

First was Alice Beck, who pointed out how politicians couldn’t care less what voters think. Right on the mark. Then Gary Collier points out what we all see coming – the end of freedom in our country. Sad but true. Gary Ratekin points out what regular readers recognize about Mr. Paslov. He’s all about supporting the transfer of rights from “We the People” to them the government, as we slip faster and faster into European-style Socialism. Weren’t we trying to escape that when the country was born?

John Choat points out how all of a sudden, the government will have the right to force you to buy something – in this case, health insurance. There are even threats of fines and jail if you don’t conform. That’s not the America I grew up in.

Hats off to Rick Van Alfen for courageously listing most of the real Americans who are standing up every day trying to save the country from one of the biggest boondoggles ever forced down our throats. He missed a few, but it’s a good starter list. Finally, Brad McCleary said what I’ve been saying for years. Voting out all incumbents is a good start for taking back control of our government.

Government spending is at incomprehensible levels. They complained about Bush – give me a break. I’m 64, and I’m scared.

Tom Molnar

Carson City

Gov. Gibbons an embarrassment to our state

The only thing our so-called governor has said with truth was the comment he made to a photographer in the courtroom at the time of his divorce settlement, and that was, “Take a picture of my best side” and then turned his back on him.

Since that is his best side, that’s why he can’t look at anyone straight in the eyes and speak the truth. I am a fifth-generation Nevadan, and I am embarrassed having this person as governor of our great state of Nevada.

Coleen Dhu

Carson City

Gibbons’ divorce only one of his flaws

Regarding the story about the Gibbonses’ divorce, after reading this, if Gibbons loses re-election for governor, it won’t be because of his divorce court date. It’s because he is doing and has done a very poor job as our governor for the state. He only has to look at himself.

He will not get my vote again. I am sorry I voted for him.

Peggy M. Reyes

Carson City