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Letters to the editor Jan. 15

Put Eugene Paslov next to Beetle Bailey

After reading Paslov’s commentary in your Saturday paper, I suggest that you move it to the comics page. I hope that he seeks help for his lack of correct information.

What Paslov calls the “party of no” are brave members of Congress who try to represent those who elected them. If he wanted to discuss dirty tricks, he should speak of Sen. Reid’s buying votes with hundreds of millions of dollars, and threats to other senators.

At least if his commentary was in the comics section, people would know it was laughable, not factual.

Harry L. Fowler

Carson City

Letter writer disregarded long list of liberal shills

Rick Van Alfen whines in the

Jan. 3 Nevada Appeal about, so he says, conservative-dominated television, radio and the print media.

Rick conveniently neglects to mention left-wing government shills on CNN, CNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. He forgot to point out the liberal garbage spewed in the L.A. Times, the New York Times, the editorial page in the Wall Street Journal, a couple of newspapers in our nation’s capitol, Washington D. Sleaze, and Time and Newsweek magazines. The list is long.

Van Alfen didn’t mention the Minister of Propaganda Barack Hussein Obama. This left-wing radical spends an inordinate amount of time with the media promoting liberal causes. As a direct result of Obama’s world-class lying, I expect his nose to grow even longer than Bill Clinton’s.

The liberal media championed scientist extraordinaire Al Gore when he declared he discovered the earth is warming. It didn’t matter to the slugs in the liberal media that the earth has cooled slightly for decades.

Mr. Van Alfen, if there aren’t too many left-wing media personalities, as you claim, it’s because they can’t command an audience. Liberals have no credibility. The liberal message doesn’t resonate with people who are not brain dead.

Robert Sennett

Carson City

Reid’s comments were based in reality

Enough already! Harry Reid is not a racist. No way. No how. His recent comments spoke what most of us know is unfortunately true. Racism and sexism do still exist.

His remarks, rather than promoting racism, came from one who has worked to eliminate racism but who is also aware that we have a way to go before that elimination is reality.

And why have these same critics not pointed out that, as revealed by the same source that revealed Reid’s remarks, the Democratic leaders were pushing Obama because they viewed him a lesser evil than electing the white female Clinton? Disclosure: I am a white woman.

Leslie Sexton


Coyotes have no chance against cruel hunters

I just read the article in the Nevada Appeal about the coyote tournament last weekend near Fallon. This kind of things makes me boil.

Coyotes are an important part of the ecosystem and although they can hurt or kill livestock, this is more an exception than a rule.

I truly believe that those hunting groups are more after the fun and the money than the pure protection of their livestock. Hunters are known to just have fun about the killing itself. Let’s remind each other that the original purpose for hunting was to feed ourselves, not just kill for the sake of killing. This is now completely corrupted. Animals have no chance against those sophisticated rifles.

I am outraged at the lack of consciousness displayed by people like (hunt organizer Matt) McFarlane. It is indeed a “big deal.” I would like to see statistics of livestock actually killed by coyotes and I would like to see hunters like Mr. McFarlane prove that it is a necessity to organize such “tournaments.”

Catherine Oaks


Education key to Nevada’s economic recovery

Did anyone else notice the irony in Sunday’s paper? Front section has Gov. Gibbons cutting education, and the business section states many companies don’t want to relocate to Nevada because we don’t have a large enough educated workforce.

Doesn’t a healthy economy with good jobs start with an educated society? The answer was in the paper Sunday. Yes.

Kathy Hall