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Letters to the editor Jan. 16

Get the straight facts on coyote predation

Over the past week, I have read a number of comments about the Fallon Coyote Hunt. A lot of liberal, progressive animal protection dogma from people who clearly do not know the facts about predation in our area. 

They sit in their homes and watch the Animal Planet on cable TV and think that gives them all the facts they need to know. They have no idea about living in the rural areas of our state.

The letter that caused me to write this letter was submitted by Catherine Oaks on Jan. 15. She said she wanted to see the reasons these hunts are a benefit to our ranchers. Well, Ms. Oaks, we have the facts, which we have compiled since the 1950s. If anyone truly wants to see the facts, please e-mail me at mgoldy3@netzero.com and we will provide all of the information you need to make an educated decision about predator control.

 Marshall Goldy


Nevada Big Game Restoration Group

Say no to Reid, Pelosi and liberals like Paslov

President Obama asked for transparency and bipartisanship in the health care legislative process. The Democrats – the party of “hell, no” said “hell, no” and hunkered down behind the closed doors of Sen. Harry Reid’s office, locking out C-SPAN, the Republicans, transparency and bipartisanship.

Whenever health care cost-cutting measures – such as tort reform and the sale of health insurance across state lines – were suggested, the Democrats loudly protested, “hell, no.”

President Obama asked for military spending free from pork and earmarks. The party of “hell, no” loaded as much pork as possible into the bill. Asked if he would veto the bill as promised, Obama’s response was “hell, no.”

When suggested that enemy combatants with links to al-Qaida be kept indefinitely at Gitmo, President Obama’s response seems to be “hell, no.” These alleged criminals may be coming to a city near you soon.

One year into Obama’s term, and the party of “hell, no” is still blaming George W. Bush for everything. Yet, unemployment has doubled and the deficit has quadrupled under Obama.

Dr. Paslov calls for civil discourse while referring to anyone who disagrees with him as “ugly, neo-cons, lunatic fringe and and party of no.” Civil? Hell, no.

There is little hope for idealogues such as Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Dr. Paslov. There is real hope for positive change in November. If Sen. Reid asks for your support, tell him “hell, no” and vote Republican.

Tom Lloyd


Paslov provides balance in local opinion pages

This is in response to Glenn Bush’s letter suggesting that the Nevada Appeal “review or edit” Dr. Paslov’s “sick, biased” commentaries before printing them. While I’m sure Dr. Paslov is capable of defending himself from the constant attacks of Carson City’s right wing, I, for one, have had enough.

From reading his commentary, I’d say Dr. Paslov’s views are moderate, possibly slightly left of center. He favors a strong, effective public education system and honest political leaders who strive to make government work for all the people.

These are not radical notions: they’re mainstream. Remember that Carson City is a moderate town in a moderate state. Obama won in Carson City. Our current Democratic State Assembly member has been re-elected three times. One of Nevada’s two U.S. senators and two of Nevada’s three U.S. representatives are Democrats. Nevada’s Assembly and Senate are both majority Democrat.

Does Mr. Bush think all these moderate political leaders and the people who elected them are “sick and biased”?

The Nevada Appeal is the paper of record of a town with citizens who have political views across the spectrum. Without Dr. Paslov to balance Chuck Muth’s “movement conservatism” and Michael Reagans’ views, the paper would have almost nothing but conservative commentary.

Personally, I think it does people good to step outside the ultra-right echo chamber of Fox News and commentators and hear what other people think, and I’m grateful to the Nevada Appeal for attempting to maintain a balance that reflects the true nature of the town.

Anne Macquarie

Carson City