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Letters to the Editor Jan. 24

Put redevelopment funds to better use

To Carson City taxpayers and voters: In regards to the $40,000 we are giving Paradise Cove, we have no one to blame if we do not vote these local incumbent politicians out next election.

I’m baffled about where we get this free money – tax dollars – to give to these restaurant entrepreneurs. Have we forgotten that we gave $100,000 to a brewery called the Carson Depot, a brewery named Stew’s and the Carson Rotisserie Bar and Grill? Have we also forgotten that they are now out of business?

Mr. Livermore, you stated that you changed your mind about giving Paradise Cove $40,000 of redevelopment money because in economic times they need it. I’m sure the banks that they applied to for loans said the same thing and declined the $40,000 they needed to open their restaurant with.

This town is now going belly up and we have no one to blame but ourselves. First time shame on the supervisors, 2nd, 3rd, 4th times, shame on us.

To the Board of Supervisors, while you are at the table discussing how to give away our redevelopment funds, making laws for pigs and chickens, can you come up with some ideas about all of the vacant lots in our town?

Sunni Enciso

Carson City

Best to read the label before eating

Well, Gene Paslov finally wrote something I agree with. Our political system is a lot like making sausage.

First they take billions of taxpayer dollars and grind them up. Then they throw in lots and lots of fatty pork. Also included is a lot of stuff that would not be palatable on its own and would be discarded by anyone with normal tastes. Then it is seasoned by grinding up all the objections to the plan, and the labeling raves about how wonderful the product is.

But if you read the tiny print which reveals the ingredients and nutritional information, you find that the product is not very good for you and includes many things you do not want or need, and ultimately may be very bad for you.

So, finally, you have something that looks good and smells good. But if you read the fine print and know what is in it, you probably wouldn’t eat it.

Michael Digangi

Carson City

We all need to stop playing blame game

Throughout history, hate and prejudice have been around. Singling out an ethnic or religious group for ridicule and scorn seems to make people feel better about themselves.

Now it seems to be Sen. Harry Reid’s turn. Anti-Harry signs are appearing in yards, on cars and even on T-shirts. It makes me wonder what happened to “Love Thy Neighbor.” We all need to stop playing the blame game.

Anger and hate seem to be so rampant in Nevada that people cannot wait until November to express their dissatisfaction in the voting booth.

Harry Reid is not responsible for our current economic crisis. We all played a part by our individual choices and decisions. We should not try to lay our problems at his feet. Instead of hatred and scorn, pray for enlightenment.

Jeanne Larson

Carson City

Firm supports soldiers home for holidays

I spent the holiday season with my son and his family in South Carolina. While my son and I were stopped at a red light in Greenville, S.C., we noticed 12 police cars escorting five buses. We felt with this big police escort, it must be someone really important. It turned out it was some very important people – the buses were loaded with U.S. Army men and women who were awaiting deployment.

When some people in Greenville found out that the government would not pay to bring these servicemen and women home for the holidays, they collected $10,000. This was not nearly enough money, so Lowe’s contributed the balance – in the neighborhood of $25,000 – so these people could spend the holidays with their families.

It was a real joy to see the U.S. Army men and women get off the bus into the arms of their families who were waiting in the parking lot.

Lowe’s should definitely be commended for making it possible for the people who are serving our country to be home with their families for what could be their last Christmas with them, since they are going to the war zone. Thank you Lowe’s.

Alice Kleckner

Carson City

Education’s lead

role is with parents

Dear Sen. Reid and Congressman Heller,

I read today that the president has asked for an additional

$1.35 billion to fund his efforts to control the nation’s public school systems. Before you vote on this appropriation, please consider the sad state that the national government has created in Nevada schools.

Unfunded and underfunded mandates, federal laws like the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that create a preference for a deserving group of students at the expense of another deserving group of students, constantly changing goals and requirements that make it impossible for teachers, school administrations and even the Nevada Legislature to achieve a goal before the next round of changes is forced upon them.

Through politically motivated manipulation without regard to the adverse consequences that federal interference causes, look at the way the federal government is usurping the Constitutional right and responsibility of the state and parents to direct their child’s education.

My real request is that you start a movement to unwind all of the federal requirements and funding for education, and put the responsibility for children’s education back where the U.S. Constitution placed it – with Nevada and parents.

Just because those in Washington can impose their opinion on Nevada in a manipulative draconian fashion does not mean that they should. Parents, not politicians, should educate their children.

John McKenna

Carson City