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Letters to the editor Jan. 29

Stick to your no-taxes guns, governor

Thank you, Gov. Gibbons. In this economic period, we need a leader who is committed to cost reduction and vigorously opposing tax increases. As reported in the Nevada Appeal on Jan. 6, he is willing to address even sacred cows, which reside in education. One example is exempting a school district from the calculation of state funds merely because they lost student population, which is ludicrous. Their only product is students, to produce less they should need less.

Sadly, the predictable Democratic response was, as always, not to balance the budget on the backs of the students or education. Those folks need to understand that we simply do not have the income to spend on all the projects we like. Education is a major component of the state budget and must be scrutinized.

Perhaps this recession will provide the impetus to re-evaluate spending. Similarly, we should view the example of a football team owner who realizes that after spending tens of millions of dollars, they still have a loser. They reinvent their team.

It is time to reinvent our education system. A Nevada Appeal opinion pointed out that what we have been provided is a very poor product despite spending tens of millions. Continuing with this system is a losing affair and classical insanity, not to mention we simply do not have the money.

If the recession is the impetus, and football owners the example, then the governor must be the guiding light.

Sam Batdorf


Chamber’s stance

on project supported

Congratulations to our chamber of commerce for stating its reluctance to support the city’s proposed redevelopment project.

And what a display of arrogance by Supervisor Robin Williamson who commented she was very disappointed with the chamber position. Obviously, she expected the chamber to roll over to her redevelopment authority.

Pete Livermore commented that it was maybe the way redevelopment unveiled the project.

And our mayor who was quoted as saying the city could have brought the whole thing to the board as a done deal – translated: The public could have been left out of the process, and we taxpayers would be left with yet another tax increase without the opportunity to vote on the initiative. Another superior arrogant attitude toward Carson City taxpayers? The mayor wants transparency, which is defined as readily understandable.

A panacea for our economic ills? Perhaps. Bottom line – until such time as we the taxpayers know for a fact what this project will cost us, expect continued reluctance to support our redevelopment authority.

Clark Russell

Carson City

Family says thanks

to Carson dispatcher

Cindy Merrell, Carson City sheriff’s dispatch supervisor, answered the 911 call from my daughter-in-law on Jan. 20. My family and I want to express our heart-felt appreciation to Cindy for her unbelievable life-saving help. Our grandson is alive today because of the help Cindy gave my daughter-in-law. Our daughter-in-law was able to administer life saving CPR to her 3-week-old son.

We also want to thank the fire department and the hospital staff for their immediate aid. Everyone we interacted with was extremely helpful, calm and patient. We feel very fortunate to live in such a wonderful community.

We want everyone to know that our grandson is alive and healthy. A heart-felt thanks to everyone.

Judy Waite


People deserve same

coverage as Congress

I enjoy reading the letters to the editor as it provides people’s thoughts on various subjects. One of those has been health care and the current bill that has been passed by the Senate.

From reading the letters, it does not appear that the writers have taken the time to look at the bill. I have taken the time to do a cursory review of the 2,900-page bill and wonder why Nevadans aren’t up in arms.

There is no free insurance. The bill states that people with pre-existing conditions cannot be discriminated against, but they are to be put in the high risk pool and can be charged up to four times the standard premium. Seniors can be charged up to three times the standard premium.

There also is wording that allows the insurance companies to tell their clients how they can live their lives or lose their insurance. All of this plays into the insurance industry’s desires. There is no reduction in health insurance costs. There is also wording regarding assisted suicide, euthanasia and mercy killing.

The premiums that can be charged could be financially devastating to individuals. Although there is to be some governmental financial support for people based on their earnings, it will not cover all of the premium due.

We deserve what President Obama promised when he ran for office, the same coverage that Congress has at an affordable price. Contact Harry Reid and tell him we don’t want what he’s offering.

Ralph Clevenger

Carson City