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Letters to the Editor Jan. 30

Tougher approach needed in Carson City

I read a recent article about the news on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s efforts to control illegal immigration in Phoenix, Ariz.

This man has taken a tough stand on issues like this for years. I, and I’m sure thousands of others, applaud him for his tough attitude – my way or the highway. We all know the government moves too slowly in these matters, so if more local law enforcement agencies were to adopt his policies, we wouldn’t have the immigration problems we now have, along with inner circle gangs.

I’d like to see Sheriff Kenny Furlong take a real hard look at Joe Arpaio’s way of doing things. If it’s not his cup of tea then maybe we need a new man, perhaps Capt. Robert White, who plans to run for sheriff in the next election. Sounds like he has some great ideas.

Ron McQuade


State of the Onion Address really stinks

State of the Onion Address – It stinks. Wow! Obama blamed banks and Washington, among other things, and yet wasn’t he a part of this blame?

Obama’s storytime is over with no happily ever after for us Americans. Perhaps he should have used another storybook instead of reading from the same old dog-eared earmarks storybook he has always read from.

Footnote: Obama caused the things in the first place that he was blaming (others for) and he managed to cut himself out of the story. I wonder how many others noticed that?

Was it not Obama himself who bailed out the banks and GM? Was it not Obama himself who created the spending and big government monster? Humph! You know if Obama was listening in the first place to the people of the United States and was doing the right things, there wouldn’t be a number of tea parties against him.

I really don’t think that Obama pressed the reset, rather the button for replay of the same old plans he already has with no change at all – just the change from our pockets.

Kenneth L. Christenson

Carson City

Coyotes spotted roaming near C Hill

I would like to alert everyone who lives near C Hill that a pair of coyotes was observed on Saturday morning.

They were checking out a house on the north corner of Terrace and McKay. I am reasonably sure that this family has a small dog.

Any of you residents who have small animals – dogs, cats – or even small children, please be aware that the coyotes are looking for food and they are not particular.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Shirley Oliver

Carson City