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Letters to the editor July 14

Midwesterners display best of values, kindness

Lorie Smith Schaefer’s commentary, “What I saw in America’s heartland” is the letter I was going to write to the Appeal after my husband and my driving trip to the Midwest to visit family graves for Memorial Day.

Without exception, the cemeteries we visited were lined with U.S. flags and many flags on appropriate graves. Lots of items of remembrance on so many graves. These souls had not been forgotten.

The rest stops in Nebraska and Iowa were really clean, had vending machines, picnic areas and pet areas. Twice there was a knock on the door while I was in the ladies’ room; someone had come to clean or check supplies. 

We were in need of gas when we stopped in a small town in Iowa for lunch. We asked the waitress if there was a station nearby with premium gas.

There was much discussion amongst the staff and other patrons; it was decided that the station down the road probably had premium. As we finished lunch, the cafe manager came to tell us that the station did have premium; she had called.

Sometimes we have service like that in Carson but this is the way the Midwest operates.

I’m glad I was raised in the Midwest and given a sense of values, a work ethic, and perhaps a dose of kindness.

Eleanor Nicoles Steingrebe

Carson City