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Letters to the editor July 16

Obama isn’t representing this Nevadan

I thought when a person became president of the United States, he represented all the citizens of our country.

I resent Obama using my tax dollars, coming to Las Vegas to campaign for Harry Reid. Sharron Angle is one of his constituents, too, and he just ridiculed her.

Maybe the Republicans are glad that he did come, because many that he backs have failed, i.e. Massachusetts and Virginia.

Mitzi Nielsen

Carson City

Insurance for state workers costs more, worth less

I cannot speak for the working state employees, but I think I can for the retirees. On July 1, our new contract took effect, and it’s apparent whoever negotiates for us certainly doesn’t care about the people they cover.

My personal costs are as follows: Our premiums will be $11 more. That will bring us to $360 per month. Our deductible has increased from $250 per person, or $500, to $800 each, or $1,600.

I would imagine that seniors are living longer now, so they want to make sure some die, because we can’t pay these amounts. They also want to make sure they never pay any claims with those kinds of amounts they’re charging.

When we were young and were lucky enough to stay healthy while paying our premiums month after month, year after year, except for the yearly exam with our doctor, we still had to pay. In all those years of paying, we have more than paid for any medical bills we are facing now that we are older. Now that we are at the age where we need some good coverage and rates, we are still getting ripped off. So, they are either forcing us into bankruptcy to pay these bills, or for some of us seniors, just saying the heck with getting medical attention, I’ll just wait to die.

I, for one, am tired of paying and paying, and the state charging us more and covering less.

Judy Ramirez