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Letters to the editor July 17

Crack down on dangerous texting while driving

It’s a shame, and a bit frightening, I might add, that it’s even necessary to discuss, consider and enact laws on texting while driving. Isn’t it just common sense that you simply can’t do some things and drive – like texting, which involves reading and typing?

At least with a DUI, while stupid and dangerous indeed, it is more understandable how this happens than texting and driving, as levels of judgment are involved here.

Your perception of your abilities – and the actual abilities – become more mismatched the more you indulge. Any idiot, stone-cold sober at that, should just automatically know not to try to text and drive, as one generally, at least so I thought, cannot type and read while operating a motor vehicle on a road with lots more of these vehicles on it. As if regular non-hands-free cell phone use isn’t unsafe enough. Really.

But since serious accidents and death in which texting is a factor are so prevalent, there really shouldn’t be too much discussion about what to do. Simple enough – each state should make the laws and penalties for texting while driving exactly the same as those of a DUI. Seriously.

After all, people killed in accidents where texting is a factor are exactly as dead as those killed in crashes where alcohol or drugs are a factor, now aren’t they?

Lynnea Malone

Carson City

Recession is no excuse to let city go to seed

As a habitual walker in the evenings here in Carson City, I am shocked by the amount of old garage/yard sale signs left on telephone and stop light poles. If the sign has blown off, then there’s gobs of sticky tape left on the poles. Sure, people are having hard times today financially, but come on, pick up after yourself. It is everyone’s responsibility to not leave litter behind – everyone’s. Even smokers need to stop littering their butts everywhere.

Homeowners and renters in houses have trash, dead debris and junk in a lot of their yards. This city needs to clean up after itself and make a better appearance to businesses who are considering coming to Carson City.

I have seen many a neglected rose bush, overgrown, not watered and struggling to produce a beautiful bloom. All the pink rose bushes on the south side of East Fifth Street across from the Capitol are unpruned, not weeded and half the bushes are half-dead.

It’s a shame Carson City. Clean up your act. We are in a depression, but I would volunteer just to keep Carson City alive and welcoming.

Ann Burke

Carson City

A call to senior citizens to re-elect Sheriff Furlong

I want to endorse the present sheriff, Ken Furlong, who has so much common sense and feelings for the people of our great city. It is in my sincere heart and prayers that he should be re-elected for a third term.

I ask my oldest citizens to support my views as the former head of Aging Services for 10 years. If the people of Carson City want a sheriff with common sense to evaluate arrests and reports and make decisions without molesting a person under arrest who may be innocent, then Ken Furlong is the only choice.

I appeal to the brotherhood of senior citizens to re-elect Kenny Furlong for a third term.

John McSweeney

Carson City

Harry needs to brush up on role of government

It is not the government’s responsibility to create jobs. It is the government’s responsibility to implement policies that allow the private enterprise to create jobs. Perhaps that is Harry’s basic problem – he doesn’t understand the role of government.

I don’t think he is capable of understanding that fact; he is more interested in destroying the middle class, taking control of your life and your money. It’s all about Harry’s egotistical power grab.

It was Clinton’s policies to grant mortgages to those who could not afford to repay them that triggered the whole recession.

Stuart Posselt