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Letters to the editor July 28

Sharron Angle does not follow Jesus’ example

Jesus told us to love and help our neighbors and fellow Americans, particularly the sick and poor. The pilgrims realized they must work together to survive. Our founders declared the necessity for the general welfare and domestic tranquility for our people to prosper.

Take a moment and ask yourself how Jesus would vote on Social Security, Medicare and health insurance reform to correct some of our health problems. Remember, God created man, and man created corporations to serve man. Do you think Jesus would be on the side of insurance corporation profits – a soulless stack of paper – over the needs of our poor and sick?

Sharron Angle may say she’s Christian. She does not follow Jesus’ teachings. Sharron is more on the side of “I have mine, and I’m keeping it” and the corporations that got us into this mess.

The tea party was started and funded by health insurance interests. The tea party is against the general welfare of our great country’s people. They promote domestic disharmony and violence to advance their goals. Their actions have done more to destroy domestic tranquility than any foreign foes.

We do not need more hateful do-nothing naysayers, or a nuclear dump in Nevada. Harry’s actions are more in line with Jesus’ teachings.

Frank Johnston

Carson City

How much longer can nation sustain failings?

What has happened to our country? Who is minding the store? Trust in government is seriously waning. Too many people are not working. There is too much spending and way too much debt. It sickens me that those in power spend millions of dollars and deliver distorted messages that scream at the public and treat us like we are stupid. It is time to get informed, get involved, put your selfishness aside and look at things as if you were one of the founding fathers.

The federal government depends on tax dollars from all 50 states to function. If those funds are abused, soon, very soon, there will not be any more money. Why would the federal government even consider a lawsuit against one of our 50 states? Is that not a waste of money? What’s the point? Is the Gulf Coast considered inferior by this administration? Why do those in power prevent, prohibit, and in other ways antagonize the urgent need to fix the oil spill?

On the Fourth of July I pondered whether it would be the last time we celebrated the birth of this great United States of America. Think about what we are about to lose and what will replace it. We as Americans are too easily convinced and acquiesce to mediocrity on a daily basis.

The best advice is to vote this November, but only if you have become informed and not been coerced into your decisions.

Ann Bednarski

Carson City

Unsightly boulders at Capitol drives tourists away

I couldn’t help but recently notice some giant boulders blocking most of the entrances to the state Capitol grounds. Just exactly what purpose does this serve, and whose idea was this anyway? Is the governor trying to keep the tourists or visitors away? Perhaps the terrorists? If so, then it is not working; instead, it is merely becoming an aggravating nuisance to locals and/or tourists who have to drive or walk around Carson Street on a daily basis.

With all of the talk about the budget crisis and unemployment, this latest decision to install boulders is quite tacky and appalling, at best. If this is the governor’s attempt to stop our terrorists from entering our state buildings, then it’s not exactly his smartest move. The terrorists would simply find some other clever ways to enter unannounced.

Therefore, I strongly suggest that whomever was responsible for placing the boulders in front of the Capitol building remove them immediately before they becomes a much bigger and perhaps permanent eyesore for Carson City.

We don’t want our state to lose even more revenue from lack of tourists visiting our wonderful town, do we? Thank you, I rest my case.

Joshua Dealy

Carson City