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Letters to the editor July 3

Angle will work to protect Social Security

Are there no depths of depravity to which Harry Reid will not stoop? With every uttering issued from his campaign, he verifies the urgent need to replace him. His attack ads accuse Sharron Angle of wanting to phase out Social Security and Medicare. The truth is that Angle wants to assure that the feds – led by senators like Reid – cannot raid the Social Security fund as they now do every year to pay for their deficit spending.

She wants to give ownership of Social Security accounts to each individual to protect them from being raided by Harry Reid, Pelosi and Obama to be blown on their Wall Street bailout programs. She wants to protect our retirements from Reid and give the younger folks the option of controlling how their Social Security money is invested. On Medicare, she wants to implement incentives for cost savings like individual accounts where the retiree can keep the funds he or she does not spend on medical care.

The choice is clear. Common sense options and ownership of our investments or more of the Reid, Pelosi, Obama uncontrolled, wasteful government bailouts. So long, Harry, and welcome to Sharron – a person we can trust and believe.

John Vettel

Carson City

Reform financial system before we’re wiped out

Reform to the financial system is imperative now. If the United States is to have equitable distribution of the value of one’s own investments, financial reform must be done quickly. A turnaround of the country’s fortunes is estimated to take from 10 to 12 years. Getting started now will assure an economy that will benefit everyone. Not doing so will lead inevitably to economic stagnation and despair.

Needs: No hidden fees; punish predatory lenders and establish the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. No more bailing out banks that are too big to fail.

These changes in the ways our financial institutions operate will help protect us, the unwashed and ignorant, from being reduced to ruin by selfish, cruel and destructive economic Harvard MBA types.

John Wallace


Lower prices for camping, entertainment

I can’t help but wonder why businesses or the state think that they will get more money by raising prices.

Camping a few years ago used to be the highlight of my summer. I could pay $10 to $13 and we could afford it. Now, with the economy, they have decided they need to charge twice as much. Wouldn’t it be smarter to lower your price, so struggling people could still afford it and make up in volume? Twice as many people could go. There, your money is made up. The water park costs are insane. I can’t even take my kids to the movies it’s so pricey.

Lower your prices and make the same amount of money. Try it out, just one month. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Brenda Tidwell

Carson City

Reid lining pockets with out-of-state dollars

Please, Mr. Reid, explain the $40,700 contribution from a company that you recommended be investigated or the $76,500 from the Utah company that wants to store nuke waste there. How about the trial lawyer in Florida who was good for $90,000? Oh yeah, what about the $54,700 from Goldman Sachs and company lawyers. That is just a taste of who and what type of people support Reid to the tune of $8 million from out-of-state sources.

Oh yes, Mr. Reid, explain cutting the funding for the border protection as provided for in the 2006 Secure Fence Act sponsored by Rep. Duncan Hunter. It was supposed to cover our southern border, two fences with razor wire on top. I sincerely hope that Ms. Angle will ask these questions of you. Something just doesn’t sound right.

Like you care about Nevada – 68 cents on the dollar back from the fed? When can I see the compiled list of your other out-of-state contributors? When can I see an ad that explains your plan that actually helps Nevada’s future instead of taking Angle’s words and using them in attack ads and half truths? Is it that your plan includes a blanket amnesty for illegals going along with Bloomberg and company?

Dennis Cole

Carson City