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Letters to the editor July 30

Hunt will create ‘dysfunctional’ bears

The impending bear hunt on Tuesday should be reconsidered. Since only male bears are eligible for assassination, the hunters must use hounds to run the bear up a tree in order to sneak a peek at its biz kit. If it has the proper apparatus, it gets shot out of the tree, dragged to a vehicle, and taken home to decorate another hunter’s trophy room.

When the papa bear is shot, the cubs lose their moral compass, and can eventually be found shucking and jiving down around the local Dumpsters and garbage bins. If it is a female, it will certainly be traumatized and its cubs will probably be scattered, thus creating another dysfunctional bruin family.

This isn’t necessary. It would be better for (Nevada Division of Wildlife biologist) Carl Lackey and his merry band of bear snatchers to paint big fluorescent bullseye on those bad bears they catch raiding larders and defecating in kitchens, and open a hunting season on these delinquents. Thus, the nice bears who live out their lives foraging for nuts, berries and grubs will be allowed to peacefully continue their quest for organic food, and the bears who prefer the convenience of discarded junk food will be eliminated from the population.

This solution would probably not sit well with either the valiant hunters or the bear huggers, but might allow the people who experience the appearance of bruins in their abodes a little peace of mind, while allowing the good bears a good life free of harassment.

Phil Stotts

Carson City

Paslov way off from reality

Congratulations to Mary Santomauro and Walter Owens for their letters to the editor. They seem to really sense what is going on here in Nevada and in our whole country.

They are right in wanting to get rid of Eugene Paslov editorials. It is good to read different viewpoints, but he is too far out from reality. Since he was once superintendent of schools, it is no wonder that Nevada is lowest in the nation in education.

Please drop his column and use the space for some columnist who can help people.

Gwen Nielsen

Carson City

Conservatives need to

stand firm on debt deal

I wonder if anyone remembers that our federal budget system is figured for a 10-year period. It is figured on a baseline budgeting system, which takes the previous year’s monetary requirements and adds on 10 percent. This, I believe, is done so the government can lie to us by claiming that if we lower the 10 percent increase to 5 percent, we are cutting the budget.

All that Republicans in Congress are trying to do is say enough is enough when it comes to spending. Get back to what you spent last year, and don’t raise it.

Another thing is that they have been robbing us old people for the last 40 years by taking the money that was specifically supposed to be used for Social Security, and instead, putting it into the general fund to use for their pet projects.

The liberals in Congress know that there is plenty of money in the general fund to pay for our checks, and they could easily send them out to us on time, but instead want to scare us to death by threatening a government shutdown.

I believe the conservatives should stand firm on not allowing the liberals to spend us into bankruptcy, which is exactly what they are doing by continually raising the debt limit.

My wish is that we should be Americans first and go back to practicing the principles that made our country great, and quit bickering.

Neil Powers

Carson City⁷