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Letters to the editor July 30

What is BLM’s real reason for wild horse roundup?

It seems BLM is on a dark mission to annihilate the wild horses of the West.

They have discredited the wild horse by creating numerous problems, spouting overinflated reproduction rates, acing the wild horses out of forage and water. The BLM vilifies them as destroying water holes. Cattle do this, not wild


This scenario is identify, vilify and destroy with always the same solution: gather them up which creates another problem, so they can whine about using taxpayer’s money to create holding facilities.

On the Calico gather, nearly 100 wild horses were killed, mares aborted and foals were run to death. Now on the Tuscarora gather, at least 12 are dead from heat exhaustion, dehydration and broken legs. When will we hear about the dust pneumonia?

The BLM is trying to ban access to the gathers. What have they got to hide besides the aforementioned blunders? What is the real agenda?

Bobbi Royle

Carson City

Will BLM viewing days give the whole picture?

As noted in the recent wild horse article, Judge Hicks wisely ruled it is unconstitutional for BLM to blanket close off the entire Tuscarora Horse Management Area as it prevents the public from observing the roundup. I was pleased to see his ruling in favor of activists now being allowed to observe the continued roundup. But, take note of what BLM representative Sanchez said: “We will be setting up areas where people will be able to go and we’ll be offering observation days.”

I have witnessed several HMA roundups, but was invited to these BLM public relations observation days. Of course, everything possible will be done on these days for the safety of the animals and for the viewing of invited observers.

What we need to be able to witness is how the roundups are being done by the BLM on all other gather days where wild horse advocates are not allowed nor invited to attend.

Remember, it wasn’t until after the Calico roundup disaster that the BLM website started showing day-by-day accounting of horses that have died because of its inept handling of the wild ones during roundups.

Protection by the BLM is the first and most important requirement stated in the National Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Apparently it is the first requirement BLM has forgotten about.

Bonnie Matton


Wild Horse Preservation League