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Letters to the editor July 4

Supreme Court turns back clock on progress

I watched the opening hearings on the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court and was stunned at the attacks on former Justice Thurgood Marshall, one of the giants of the 20th century on the court. He saw his role as a justice as a protector of the individual against the powerful, moneyed, corporate, reactionary interests seeking to maintain the status quo of the day and even to turn back the clock of history.

The two principle creeps were that repulsive Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and Jon Kyl. We already have a court that has turned the clock back on decades of judicial precedent, something that the last two Bush nominees swore they wouldn’t do. They swore, under oath, they would respect precedent. They obviously lied through their teeth during their nomination hearings. Shouldn’t that be grounds for impeachment?

Lying to the Congress, whether under oath or not, is a serious crime. Why are Roberts and Alito exempt? The evidence is in their confirmation testimony, in black and white.

Vince Coyle

Carson City

Sheriff candidate jumps

in to help at fire

Sunday afternoon, there was a house fire involving two homes in my neighborhood. Bob Guimont happens to live around here, too. On his way to spend time with his family, he noticed smoke coming from a street over.

A fire had started in the garage and was moving to the rest of the house, and the neighboring house soon after. There were no deputies or fire crews on the scene yet, he was the first. He entered the home and cleared it alone, and rallied neighbors to clear out of their homes as well, until crews arrived. He and his family waited patiently for the better part of an hour while everything was contained. A pretty selfless act for a guy on his day off.

I overheard one deputy telling another that (Sheriff) Furlong was on the scene with his wife, but had informed all deputies to make sure all media was to speak to him and only him about the incident.

Now, being the stand-up guy he is, I know Mr. Furlong will be sure to give Bob Guimont the kudos he deserves.

Thanks, Bob, for being a great neighbor, and stepping up to work even during your family time.

Whitney Inmon

Carson City

Find a way to extend museums’ operations

Recently, I have had many inquiries from out-of-town visitors as to why our Nevada State Museum is only open Wednesday through Saturday. These individuals have said they realize throughout the United States museums are closed on Mondays, and planned their trips accordingly only to find out our museum is only open four days. It has been a great disappointment to them.

I realize a budget shortfall has made this happen, but I am wondering if there isn’t some way to accommodate the national standard and the public who want to visit our museums. I know so many of the people involved are volunteers, plus most of the staff are putting in their normal 36 hours, but actually are working five days a week and are available for tours on unofficial working days. They do it because it is rewarding to them to guide schoolchildren and many tourists from all over the world.

My concern also includes the Marjorie Russell Textile Research Center. The majority of the items have been donated, and it would be very devastating if these items were not properly cared for as the donors had anticipated they would be.

We Nevadans are proud of our museums and want to share them with visitors by keeping up with the national standard of museum days. Perhaps the possibility of a half day, six days a week would allow the state to keep them open for all to enjoy and learn.

Kay Winters


Harry Reid spreading fear, lies about Social Security

Every election the Democrats claim that one of their opponents is out to destroy Social Security. This always causes a panic among senior citizens, which of course, is to help garner votes for the Democrat.

Harry Reid is now playing the Social Security card. Even if all claims made by Harry Reid were true, no one person can end Social Security. It takes 51 votes in the Senate to pass a bill.

Sharron Angle’s suggestion to make Social Security optional is for 18- to 25-year-olds. It will take 40 years for them to retire. It will not affect anyone now receiving Social Security benefits, including my wife and myself.

For the record, the seniors did not get a raise in Social Security this year and will not get one next year, and that is with the Democrats in charge in Washington. Of course, Congress got their raises. Ask Harry about that.

Our candidate for the Senate is Tim Fasano.

John Wagner

State chairman

Independent American

Party of Nevada

Cap and trade will result in huge tax increase

The cap and trade bill will have a negative effect on the American people. This bill has passed the House and now it will pass the Senate. The speaker chose to rush this bill through the Congress without an open debate and amendment process.

This is a bill that will tax the energy companies’ emissions. The Congressional Budget Office says it will only increase the average family’s energy bill by $175 a year.

Republican critics, however, say that the $175 figure is much too low. The Heritage Foundation says the economic impact of cap and trade will be much more around $3,000 a year. This would be one of the largest taxes in the economy almost twice as large as the highway use taxes.

It is said that this bill will also cause thousands of job losses.

Tim Marshall

Carson City