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Letters to the editor, July 7

Farmers Market is top notch

A tip of the hat to Linda Marrone, manager of the Farmers Market on 3rd and Curry street.

It ranks as one of the best in the nation and continues to get better every week.

The variety and quality of all merchandise and produce is top rated.

Many thanks, Linda. Your market savvy produced a grand slam for all of the citizens of Carson City.

Gene Ratner

Carson City

Health care decision goes against government class

It appears as though every teacher I ever had who taught government was wrong.

As I recall, without exception, they all emphasized one thing: “All taxes levied upon U.S. citizenry had to be approved in the Congress of the United States.”

Now, after listening to not only congressional leaders but the president of the United States tell us the penalty you will be charged if you do not purchase health care under the new Obamacare law is not a tax, the Supreme Court made it a tax.

I believe if the penalty portion of the bill just declared constitutional by the court was presented to both houses of Congress as a tax, it would not have passed.

A great many congressmen and senators would have declined to support the bill if they had to go on record as supporting a new tax.

If for no other reason than to do so would have made their re-election more difficult.

Now, however, they can claim they did not support any tax increase. It was imposed upon us by the Supreme Court (a non-taxing authority).

John Devenish

Carson City