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Letters to the editor, June 1

Gas prices reflective of where U.S. gets its oil

A recent letter complained that while the price of oil has been dropping, the price of gasoline keeps going up.

Two points: While the price of domestic oil has dropped (around $90 per barrel lately) the price of Brent Crude (North Sea Oil) which determines the cost of gasoline in the USA – is still around $107-108 per barrel.

The price of gas seems to keep climbing out here in the West, but other parts of the country are seeing gas prices drop. The national average is around $3.68, while in Carson City it is $3.94.

For more visit http://fuelgaugereport.aaa.com. There you can find averages for all gasoline in this area – not just ARCO.

E. C. Cowan

Carson City

Candidates need to stop robocalls

This is an open letter to Dave Cook and other candidates: I was enjoying my breakfast this morning when my cell phone rang from a number I did not recognize.

On answering it there was this horrible set of tones then a recorded voice introducing Dave Cook candidate for the board of education. I immediately hung up and started forming this letter.

It was the second call from Mr. Cook. The only way you could have gotten my number was from the voter registration rolls as its on the national do not call list. I wanted to let you, and any other candidates calling me, that you automatically loose any chance of receiving my vote by using this method. It will go to Adriana Guzman Fralick instead. Use the print media, it is much more affective and less offensive.

George Gosselin

Carson City

Honest stranger returns purse

As I sit here writing this, I am overwhelmed with relief and gratitude to a person whom I will never meet.

After a trip to Walmart, I loaded the trunk with groceries hopped into the car and headed home. I pulled into the garage, popped the trunk, reached for my purse and it was missing. I frantically searched through the groceries hoping it was buried somewhere amongst them, praying the whole time, but no luck. I didn’t bother going in the house. I hurried back to Walmart, and drove into the same place where I had left the basket. Nothing.

I practically ran into the store asking the first checker I came to, where one would be directed to take a purse if one had been found. I followed his instructions to customer service.

Keeping my fingers crossed I asked the clerk if anyone had brought in a purse. She asked me to describe it then went into their security office and behold there was the most beautiful purse I had ever seen. Mine.

Nothing was touched, including money credit cards, and all the other various items one carries in their purse.

We have lived in Nevada for 23 years. I’ve always said that people around here are so nice and friendly. Now I can add “Honest” to that. Thank you to the stranger.

Judie Hartwick

Carson City