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Letters to the editor, June 10

Longtime band teacher says farewell

After 37 years of teaching band, I have decided to retire to spend more time with my family and would like to take this opportunity to thank the students, parents and community for their support and sacrifice over my 24 years of teaching in Carson City School District. I have truly enjoyed teaching your children and have many, many fond memories.

This community has gone above and beyond in their support of me and the band programs while I have been here at Carson Middle School and Fremont, Empire, Fritsch and Bordewich Elementary Schools. The CMS Band has seen much success due to your support and efforts. For that, I am very grateful.

Once again, I appreciate all you have done as a community for me and the CMS Band! May you continue your support of the music programs of the Carson City School District. Thank you.

Will Blankenship

CMS Band Director (retired)

Do voters have short memories?

Obama’s campaign phrase is “Forward.” From what – more of his disastrous past three years of high unemployment? Many foreclosures? The greatest unsustainable debt? No, thanks. We need to go back to a prosperous U.S.A.

Rep. Shelly Berkley states she will “Make Nevada once again a land of opportunity.” Does that mean she destroyed that opportunity while she was in Congress?

Kelly Kite wants to run on his Douglas County commissioner record. Based on what he voted for as a commissioner, he should not be proud of his record of putting Douglas County into its current condition. He helped create the current water/sewer problems and overbuilt, now vacant and foreclosed real estate.

Mike Olson says “It’s your community,” while he consistently votes in support of his campaign contributing special-interest groups – not supporting our community.

The voters seem to have a short memory of history. Democrats stated there was no problem with the sub-prime mortgages and refused to make any changes when the Republicans called for reforms of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regulations. That refusal triggered the Great Recession, in which we are still embroiled. The Democrat-controlled Senate has refused to adopt a budget. The Democrat-controlled Congress voted years ago to double the student loan interest in 2012. The citizens of Douglas County had to rise up and halt the runaway growth being approved by commissioners.

I hope the voters have a good memory of these facts.

Stuart Posselt


Thankful for blood donations, urge giving

I would like to thank my son, Sean, for organizing a blood drive with United Blood Services on my behalf. I have sincere gratitude and appreciation to each person who came to the blood drive with the desire to help and to each blood donor. Your consideration and kindness means more than I can say.

It never occurred to me that I would need a blood transfusion, let alone twenty-one. I am especially moved whenever I think of the children and young parents who need blood to stay alive.

I hope those who can will donate blood because the need is great every day of every year.

This has been a difficult time for my family and me. Words seem inadequate.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

John R. Giurlani

Carson City

Feeling harassed by Highway Patrol

As a mother and young gramma of 8 now, I was ticketless before the age of 35. I have no DUI’s, major accidents. My family is always seat belted in, always have valid drivers license/insurance/registration. I don’t even know how to text, so no phone in my car. So why might I be facing a worst suspension than a drunk driver?

Our current demerit system has remained the same 30+ years. 12 demerits and you get suspended for one year. However, the aggressiveness of law enforcement has multiplied tenfold in the last 30 years. In addition, the traffic laws have also increased tenfold. Between local police, sheriff’s and Highway Patrol, nary a penny and mistake will be missed or forgiven.

Local officers don’t seem to have a problem with me. But THREE times in the last 4 months, the Highway patrol has pulled me over and ticketed me for rather insignificant things: running a yellow light, trying to merge into traffic, and, yes, one speeding ticket.

My driving habits have only gotten safer over the years, not worse. I may be paranoid, but I feel harassed by Highway Patrol.

Considering all, our demerit system should also be revised to meet the aggressiveness of law enforcement and more laws or increasing the demerit system to 15 to keep up with modern times. I am afraid to leave my house, one small mistake and at 44 I will be confined to my home.

Susan Harrison