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Letters to the editor, June 7

‘Truly evil incarnate’

I was watching a recent CNN newscast on May 25 regarding a pastor from North Carolina. He stated that he wants to build an electric fence so that he can corral all of the gays and lesbians until every last one of them dies. Is he serious? Has he completely lost his mental faculties? This is the year 2012, not the 1950s. Has our nation learned nothing from all of the recent teenage suicides?

It is obvious that this deranged, disgruntled, phony North Carolina pastor has taken a page from someone else’s book: Fred Phelps. He wishes to commit mass genocide by using the method of ethnic cleansing. Both Phelps and this fake pastor are truly evil incarnate; they do not serve God nor worship Him. They need to be stopped.

Joshua Dealy

Carson City

An axiom to grind about Paslov column

Dr. Paslov is exactly correct: “It is axiomatic that respect for organized labor … is critical to success in both public- and private-sector agencies.”

An axiom is a statement made with no supporting logic or even, perhaps, thought.

An axiom merely is asserted to be true by the speaker. Any argument based on an axiom is only as sound as that axiom. Goofy axioms build goofy arguments. As we see.

Dave Campbell

Carson City

Where’s the Carson patriotism?

My husband and I drove down Carson Street on Memorial Day on our way to a cemetery to pray for those who gave their lives so that we may continue to live free in our country, and there was not one flag or banner flying at any retail store up or down Carson Street.

Where is our patriotism here in Carson City, the capital city of our State of Nevada?

We were so disappointed in Carson City. Little Hawthorne goes all out for our service men and women; so should we.

Virginia Delaski

Carson City