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Letters to the editor March 11

Sheriff’s candidate has moral fortitude

Carson needs a new sheriff. Furlong has been the sheriff for seven years. Gangs are rampant and destroying our quality of life. Drugs are just as prevalent as they were seven years ago. The budget? A complete story of failure. All results equal failure.

Bob White, a supervisor since March of 2000, has accomplished virtually nothing. He lived in Lyon County until August 2009 when he decided to move to Carson and rent a house. He maintains ownership of his home in Lyon. White wants votes but he won’t even invest in a home in our town. (He has been) 10 years as a supervisor to improve your quality of life. He has led the effort for raises and makes nearly $100,000 himself. Is this really in the best interest of Carson City?

Guimont has lived in Carson City for years. He was unable to be the supervisor that Furlong wanted him to be as he had a loyalty to the community, his co-workers and his family. Morality and ethical beliefs kept him in the trenches fighting for the community. Carson City would see a real and positive transformation in both criminal conduct and quality of life by electing Guimont.

Past performance should be the test you use when voting for a new sheriff.

Ed Summers

Carson City

Hocus pocus goes into counting jobs saved

How does the current administration measure jobs created or saved by the stimulus? Billy is hired to work 40 hours per week. His salary is paid from three different stimulus accounts. Toss in some Obama razzle dazzle. There are now three full-time jobs. Amazing. This is change you can believe in?

Jan Muzzy


Carson City needs new recreation center

I, too, agree with John McKenna regarding the much-needed recreation center. The search for a location started over eight years ago, and just over four years ago, the decision was made to locate adjacent to the Boys & Girls Club.

Many dollars were spent on consultants, plans, trips, meetings, etc. A complete accounting of how any money has been spent and how much is available is needed.

The time to move is now. Construction costs are down due to the economy, and I am sure the winning bidder would be grateful for the construction contract. The present community center is 40 years old and dreadfully inadequate.

Is the recreation center taking the same route as the Ron Wilson Park took? It took 15 years from approval to completion. Will a new recreation center be inadequate by the time it gets built?

John Felesina

Carson City

Guy W. Farmer, get facts straight on tribunals

I would like to send some batteries to Guy Farmer, his remote must have quit while watching Fox. Another semi-emotional diatribe about terrorists that has very little to no basis in fact.

Obama has gone after and killed and/or captured more terrorists than Bush in only one year. Bush was too busy fighting a phony war in Iraq that had nothing to do with 9/11 and made no American one bit safer.

Farmer insists that we should not be treating terrorists as criminals, yet over 300 have been tried and convicted in federal court while only three have been tried under a military tribunal – two of which are now free.

One of Osama bin Laden’s main goals is to bankrupt the West. Our trying to kill a fly with a baseball bat in a China shop makes no sense. How many hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent for each terrorist killed – not to mention American kids maimed and killed?

Farmer advocates no rights for bad guys. Do we really want to mount a charge to take the moral low ground? That says more about us than it does about them. Reagan bombed Libya after Lockerby and we did not hear from Gaddafi for more than 25 years. No blood and treasure spent, yet we got our point across. There is a better way. Change the channel, Mr. Farmer.

Warren Sprinkle

Carson City