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Letters to the editor March 15

Time to outlaw prostitution

It’s time for Nevada to outlaw prostitution. It doesn’t bring in that much revenue, and it is a blight – disease – on the state.

The two blue and pink signs that the Bunny Ranch put up on Highway 50 in Mound House should be removed. They are distasteful and a distraction to drivers.

Charles L. Sheldon


Cutting community college funding affects everyone

The future is being sold for the interests of today. How many times have we been told this, only to find out that it may be an hysterical reaction to a mere concept? Sadly, this time around, it may actually be true. The future at stake goes beyond the current generation and may indeed affect the entire country. The future at stake is community education.

This country, as well as most of the globe, is fighting to prevent the majority of its citizens from drowning in debt, and the method of doing this seems to be the myopic view of the quick fix. Why not then slash funding for education, ignore the infrastructure of the country and essentially hope that it all gets better even though we’ve fired everyone that could make a difference?

The problem is, that in times of great difficulty, those who want to better themselves, get better jobs that will allow them to plow money back into the economy, to build a better community that creates for the children, to have a country that maintains its lead in research and development, are being victimized by a Legislature that can only see the dollar signs.

Education is a necessity that allows for the future, not only for ourselves, but for generations to come. The current proposal to cut funding for community colleges affects everyone. Do not allow it to pass. If you feel as passionately as I do, please contact your representative to block this.

Steve Burton

Carson City

Take time to call Animal Services

This letter is to the person who hit the Siamese cat on Roop Street on March 10 and to all the people who chose to just drive by and do nothing about it.

I saw this cat lying on a little grassy hill just off the road on my way to work at 6:30 a.m. At 1 p.m., it was still there. How may people drove by, walked by or saw this kitty out of their window from the apartments from across the street and chose not to make a phone call to have someone pick up this cat?

Shame on all of you, especially the person who ran over this animal. I cannot count how many times I have called Carson City Animal Services to have them pick up a dead animal that others chose to just ignore. If just breaks my heart. This was someone’s pet. How would you feel if it was your cat or dog and everyone just ignored it and left it dead in the street?

Please, people of our great city, take a little time from your busy important schedules and do the right thing. The employees at Animal Services will be happy to help you, as they have always been courteous and prompt to take care of these matters when I have called in the past.

For the most part, this is a great city, and can be better if we all just do a little extra.

Christe Crook

Carson City

State, federal tax systems not working

The federal IRS system must rank equally with tax methods of the most despotic in the world. It gets some good fragrance by claiming a democratic republic as its host. This system is now similar to that of the Soviets of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s which toppled Communism by driving the real Russian economy underground in order for their people to survive.

I feel certain that this same subterranean economy will eventually happen here. Our corporate industry has been slowly sputtering downward since the 1900s, barely surviving because of our frequent wars. Both our state and federal tax systems have morphed into a strange Socialist-Marxist type that plays on human envy in order to sustain itself politically. This system drives investment capital overseas or simply dries it up. Our once great engine of productivity is like a huge, slowly dying animal that has fallen to its belly, yet is still barely functioning.

Our spineless and greedy politicians continue to play the envy card to its maximum in order to sustain their ill-gotten wealth, pomp and fame. Our people are being kept in line with biannual supplications known as elections. After these elections and all the handsome smiling faces have been re-elected by the supplicated voters, the anointed flee to the comforts and safety of Washington, D.C., and Carson City away, from the prying eyes of the electorate.

Tom and Dorothy Jefferson