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Letters to the Editor, March 15

Downtown Business Association alive and well

There is a rumor that the Downtown Business Association is on its last legs, moribund, nearing dissolution – absolutely false. The DBA is alive and well and busy as can be.

The DBA’s mission is to introduce events downtown to promote visitors to the many and varied businesses in downtown Carson City and to see the designated downtown corridor grow and prosper into a vibrant business district. And, they are doing just that. The DBA is involved in three major events during the year: the Silver & Snowflakes Festival of Lights, Legends of the West Bike and Car Fest, and the Opening of the Arlington Square Ice Skating Rink. In fact, the DBA last year created the Legends of the West, bringing a new event into the heart of our city.

The monthly Wine Walks are growing in popularity, and have succeeded in attracting new visitors to our downtown who are surprised to find a vibrant retail community here.

In my experience in working with downtown since the old Mainstreet days, the DBA is the most viable merchant organization yet. Several other groups have come and gone, but the DBA is on a sound financial and organizational footing, and in my opinion, will continue to thrive.

Don’t heed the rumors. Come to a meeting or an event and learn about the real Downtown Business Association, doing good things for Carson City.

Maxine Nietz

Carson City

Clients may not pay,but we do

Genoa resident Joyce Hollister writes about the many valuable services provided by Planned Parenthood to residents of Carson City. One key phrase Ms. Hollister uses concludes the list of services is either at the health center or by referral. Referrals can come from a variety of health providers – Planned Parenthood being one of many.

Planned Parenthood’s main focus is on contraceptive and abortion services and sales. Nothing is free. The client may not pay for it – but you and I do.

In her book “Unplanned,” former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson (now a pro-life advocate) thoroughly documents the Planned Parenthood agenda. In writing about just one contraceptive method, the IUD, Ms. Johnson points out that Planned Parenthood is quite aware of the health risks involved in that method. She even recalls being with a client during the removal of an IUD, only to find a nine-week-old baby stuck to the end of the device. Ms. Johnson concludes:

“So, why would Planned Parenthood lie and say IUDs are safe? Planned Parenthood pays less than $300 for an IUD … they are reimbursed over $750 from the federal government – our tax dollars. Is that a good enough reason? It is for Planned Parenthood. Patients first? Prevention first? No. Money first, and always.”

Kate Sciacca

Carson, Calif.

Editor’s Note: The Abby Johnson mentioned in this letter is not the same Abby Johnson who is a regular columnist for the Nevada Appeal.