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Letters to the editor March 16

Stop treating seniors like illegals

If you cross the U.S. border illegally, you can get a job, a driver’s license, Social Security card, welfare, food stamps, subsidized rent, free education, free medical care and the right to carry your country’s flag while you protest that you are not getting enough respect.

Now comes Senate Bill 178, one of several bills that make evident the ignorance of some of our legislators. I’m taking some of this information from an article written in the Nevada Appeal by Janice Ayres. Janice is the head of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program and president of Nevada Senior Corps Association, and for over 30 years she has done more to help seniors in need.

The RSVP program provides things like Home Companions, respite care, pro bono legal services, farmers market produce, commodity foods, exercise classes and more. These services are funded by state and local grants.

According to this bill, if one of these services falls under one of these grants and a senior asks for one of these services, they must produce a birth certificate or passport. As Janice puts it, many of these seniors don’t have a birth certificate because they were delivered at home by a neighbor, and as they are low-income, they don’t have a passport and other IDs are not acceptable.

Please tell our pompous Senate to quit treating our seniors like illegals and go impose some of these rules on the real drain on our system, the illegals.

Mike Enright

Carson City

Leftists cheer restricting freedom of speech, press

It is amazing, but not a surprise to me how your leftist reader is cheering Canada’s decision to block Fox News Radio in that country if they believe it is producing misleading information.

Anytime you have ideas that are contrary to what the left believes, you are always wrong or misleading. They remind me of some other individuals like Saloth Sar, better known as Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, and Adolf Hilter to name a few who crushed anyone – to include the press – if they wrote anything that was contrary to their Socialist ideals.

One more thing, if you like Canada so much, then do us all a favor and move there.

Mark Gregory

Carson City