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Letters to the Editor, March 18

Hearing on Douglas lands bill welcomed

At the Douglas County Commissioners’ meeting on Feb. 16, we heard a lengthy dissertation by the Etchegoyhens pitching their Lands Bill for Carson Valley. Like the commissioners, I, too, was impressed with their big-screen presentation.

Public lands should be just that, and not closed. I feel that once the closure process begins, it opens the door to further restrictions down the road. There must be many folks from Douglas County who also enjoy recreation and hunting in the mountains; most who are unable to, hike around with backpacks.

I recognize the issues of sage grouse preservation and tribal lands also are to be considered. By creating wilderness, we are losing something in order to gain something else. Why does wilderness designation have to be tacked onto a Lands Bill? Aren’t these two separate issues?

I presented a petition at the commissioners’ meeting with more than 160 signatures from Smith Valley and Mason Valley opposing wilderness designation of 12,333 acres.

The commissioners abruptly dismissed the petition and refused to enter it into the record on the basis of what they determined to be erroneous information regarding the BLM review of the Wilderness Study Area four times, concluding it was not suitable for wilderness designation.The commissioners approved the lands bill in concept and framework.

I urge the Etchegoyhens to communicate better with their neighbors to the East in TRE, Smith Valley and Mason Valley and hear their concerns. A publicized meeting well in advance in Smith Valley would be appreciated.

Barbara Neddenriep


We can’t afford illegal immigrants

I’m a state employee. Today, I’m taking my monthly furlough day without pay to help my state navigate this financial crisis.

Like many other Nevada citizens, I’ve adjusted my spending down to absorb this loss of income and escalating prices of everything.

As a former single parent, I hope this is the end of the cuts for state employees. If not, I hope the Nevada State Legislature will look first to end the funding for illegal aliens.

Once this drain on the economy is stopped, then look to me for another cut.

I understand hardship and want to share the burden.

It’s no secret that many illegal aliens qualify for Section 8 housing or subsidized rent, food stamps and health care. Many of their children require bilingual teachers and books and receive free or low-cost lunches in schools.

They also qualify for relief from high energy bills.

Nevada taxpayers pay for Spanish language signs on state buildings and offices and provide printed materials in other than the English language.

Regardless of their home country, lawbreakers who invade this country and state should not receive the same benefits as American citizens.

We do not need an expensive wall on the border. Just say “No” to those who cross our border illegally with their hand out for welfare.

No work, no school, no food, no DREAM Act, no house, no electronic benefit transfer card, no immediate new-born citizenship – nothing.

We like you, but we just can’t afford you anymore.

Michael Mangiaracina

Carson City

Paul is only Republican who could oust Obama

On Feb. 7,1950, banker Paul Warburg told the U.S. Senate: “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether it will be achieved by consent or conquest.”

On March 8, 2012, an exchange took place between Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Panetta informed Sessions that he would seek the permission of international entities such as NATO or the United Nations when deploying American armed forces, and might inform Congress of his actions and that congressional approval was no longer applicable for American military deployment, much to the consternation of Sessions.

The Constitution is a only relic of bygone years to both houses of the Congress, the White House, and both political parties.

Only one candidate takes the Constitution seriously, and that is Ron Paul, who is despised by both political parties and the media.

Paul draws large crowds where he speaks and has more armed services donations than all others combined.

He spoke to more than 1,000 people at the same venue where Newt Gingrich canceled because of low attendance and went to finish first while Paul finished fourth.

As Joe Stalin said, “People who vote determine nothing; those who count the votes determine everything.”

With an honest vote count, Paul would demolish President Barack Obama, and is the only Republican who could.

But the political puppetmasters who control both parties will give Obama a second term.

Alan C. Edwards

Carson City

Republicans are going to need help in November

The Republican contest for selecting a candidate for this year’s election should be termed Operation Hilarity, as it has regressed to the depths of inanity. This comedy of errors reminds me of a song by Judy Collins with the lyrics to “Send in the Clowns.”

With the likes of Rick Santorum, a religious fanatic who brought home a dead fetus, embraces a violation of the Constitutional mandate of church/state separation and calls President Barack Obama a snob for education, even though Santorum has three degrees to Obama’s two; Mitt Romney, a gaffe-prone, super flip-flopper who traveled to Canada with his dog tied to the car’s roof; Newt Gingrich, a heartless, soulless, egomaniacal, thrice-married adulterer with moon rocks in his head; and, lest we forget, Michele deer-in-headlights Bachmann; Rick “Oops” Perry; Herman 9-9-9 Cain or Donald birther-groupie Trump, it’s no wonder there has been poor turnout for the primaries and caucuses, and talk of a brokered convention.How anyone could seriously consider a vote for one of these bozos is beyond comprehension. Good luck, GOP, you’re going to need it by the ton.

Vince Agamenone

Carson City

Would City Center actually stimulate Carson economy?

Dennis Johnson’s commentary on Feb. 8 calling for a public vote on the City Center Project was on the mark. However, it does give me pause when I consider what the voting process has given us over the last five decades.

In any event, will a world-class library learning center, a parking structure and more office space stimulate Carson City’s economy in a timely manner? Given its location and tourism qualities, will it harm or enhance other tourist attractions a block away?

Previous attempts at resolving Carson City’s lack of funds over the last three decades via the small-business world, real estate, tourism and tax incentives have apparently come up short.

The answers to why are definitely there for both the city and the public to examine and learn from.With regards to Nevada’s financial health, one has to wonder why they’ve avoided the development and use of renewable energies, namely wind and solar, over the last four decades? Right after the 1973 Saudi oil embargo, Denmark saw the writing on the wall and went into the development of wind turbine technology. Today, they are pre-eminent in that field of technology.

Is Mother Nature’s energy really too expensive to harness and use? If so, why do Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency continue to tout its use? That’s very disingenuous, but what’s new? There are seven so-called energy states out there which have continued to do very well by comparison during our country’s 40-year economic decline.

Ron Wood